Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chris Busby Video July 17 on Fukushima Radiation Contamination

In this video, Dr. Busby is discussing the health effects--particularly cancer rates--for radiation fallout from Fukushima in Japan

I have transcribed some of the data from the lecture.

In particular, it is interesting to look at Dr. Busby's discussion of the Cesium-137 found in air filters from Tokyo and from Fukushima

Cesium-137 Content From Air Filters

734milliBecquerels/cubic meter of Cesium-137 for Tokyo air filters sampled

In comparison, the 1963 global weapons fallout 2.7milliBecquerels/cubic meter for Cesium-137

Chernobyl fallout was 8milliBecquerels /cubic meter for Cesium 137

And the Fukushima filters 2.7Becquerels/cubic meter (2700millibecquerels)


Air in Tokyo contaminated more than the global weapons fallout peak by a factor of 270

If the filters were people, their external dose would be .2 micrograms per hour just from Cesium-137

If the filters were people, their internal dose would .3-.5 millisiverts just from Cesium-137 isotopes

Busby concludes by arguing that the global nuclear industry should pay for the human and infrastructural costs of Fukushima and that scientists who minimized the dangers should be prosecuted for misleading the public in ways that compromised their health.

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