Monday, July 18, 2011

BP: Spill, Baby, Spill

Huffington Post: BP Spill: Alaska Pipeline Ruptures, Methanol And 'Produced Fluids' Leak

"A pipeline at a BP oil field in Alaska burst over the weekend, spilling between 2,100 and 4,200 gallons of an oily water and methanol mixture in Alaska's North Slope, reports Reuters and the Anchorage Daily News...

...Ebel said that the spill consisted of 60% methanol and 40% "produced fluids," which include crude oil, water, brine and other substances associated with oil production.

The spill affected about 2,000 square feet of aquatic tundra and nearly 5,000 square feet of a gravel pad, according to a report by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation.

The spill occurred at a drill site in the Lisburne Production Facility, only 800 feet from Prudhoe Bay. The report says, however, that "there is no evidence that the released product has migrated away from the area adjacent to the pad."

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