Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Are the residents of Fukushima Prefecture Being Quarantined?

This is a horrific possibility.

Please read this post and look into this issue further.

If that is truly happening, the world needs to rise up. Actually, there are quite a few issues we need to rise up against, but this senseless killing is beyond belief.

I did mention this issue in my letters to congressional representatives. Here is the link.

Feel free to cut and paste if you want to write your representatives also.

Moonkai at ENews shared this:

by hanayuu


In Minami soma shi,children under 6 years old are rejected to have whole body counter to check internal exposure,because “They can’t stay still for 2 minutes.”

Also just in

Some hotels across the nation are welcoming disaster refugees. They are offering them free or discounted stay.

To save their own children, a lot of the parents are trying to leave Fukushima using those services.

But local government contacted those hotels and told them not to accept them as they are trying to keep people in the prefecture. They are shutting down temporary shelters and are working into bringing them back. They also need a “permission” to leave the prefecture. If refugees decide to move, they are being told to never come back. This is the ugly face of a dictatorial Japan and is clearly in violation of their Article 22 of their constitution ; ” right for all Japanese nationals to move freely and choose to live wherever they want”. I hope Japanese people will protest when they scrap the evacuation zone.

福島原発災害の見方: 福島県が避難させないよう他県に通達。あきらかな憲法違反

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