Monday, July 18, 2011

Fukushima Radiation July 18 2011

E-News has a video that everyone should see

I cannot authenticate this video. I don't know if there was any fraud involved in its production.

However, this is the second of 2 recent videos that show substantial amounts of radioactive fallout in the U.S.

Someone is lying.

Let us hope it is not the EPA.

However, I think the EPA is lying. I see that they lie on radnet when radiation levels are high.

When people talk about background radiation they make it sound completely harmless.

But realize that there is an entire scientific paradigm that sees evolution as being influenced directly by radiation.

Background radiation affects our DNA a lot more than people commonly understand, according to the paradigm.

Moreover, background radiation has increased substantially since WW II because of all the nuclear testing.

What if the Fukushima radiation is a tipping point because humans never in their history were exposed to so much radiation accumulating in their environment?

No one knows for sure where the tipping point is.

Some people believe this is happening now and that much of the population of the northern hemisphere will get sick and have reproductive problems.

Already we are weakened by pesticides, herbicides, mercury/lead, and poor nutrition.

I sure hope that hope is alive....perhaps the radiation levels are lower than feared and maybe the people of Japan are going to be ok.

There are 2 questions.

1. How much radiation are we really being exposed to through our food and daily exposure to background plus Fukushima (in Japan, US, Canada, Europe, Northern Asia)?

2. How much radiation damage can we sustain as a species before we begin to produce numerous detrimental mutations that will result in near total infertility in a few generations????


  1. I don't think that infertility will be a problem, but the social carrying cost of mutations, including their inability to function and efficiently produce, while living a prejudiced life of shame and worse,

    Well that could get really bad.

  2. For me, a non-US citizen, it is a real pleasure to see how much you are concerned about your OWN safety, your OWN health, when something is disturbing you from OUTSIDE!
    1- You are, by far, the most NUCLEARIZED country in the world, not taking into consideration how much oil you are spending for your unesuful SUVs,
    2- You are the only ones who dared sending nuclear bombs to civilian people,
    3- You pollute the entire planet with your model of stupid junky food and drinks,
    4- You gather your kids up to OBESITY,
    5- You pollute the world media when you get a “mysterious” letter containing anthrax (that YOU invented),
    6- You ruin the entire world economy by your insatiable anger for more comfort, more consumption, more everything…

    So if you get some particles from Fukushima:
    1- Do not forget they are coming from your OWN technology (and I am so sorry that the Mox is coming from AREVA…),
    2- You are already in such a bad health that you have nothing to be afraid of, just put back your head into the sand, as you always did in the past!

    And do not forget: God is on Your side


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