Monday, June 20, 2011

TEPCO Live Cam: Large Amounts Smoke or Steam Visible from Fukushima

Cam time is 2011-6-21 2:29

The copious smoke or steam seems to be coming from building #4. See my previous post about the news for spent fuel pool #4.

I discovered this recent documentary on nuclear meltdowns (hat tip commentators at e-news linked at bottom)

Apparently, this video is "geolocked" meaning this video is "not available in my region."

Why is it not available in my region?

Dr. Chris Busby's recent post at Counter Punch elaborates upon the lengths the nuclear industry will go to in order to suppress information about the dangers of nuclear power

Perhaps the nuclear industry and our government don't want us thinking about the dangers of nuclear power while Fort Calhoun, near Omaha Nebraska, is on the brink of disaster due to flooding....

Hat tip enews

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