Saturday, June 25, 2011

Our Contaminated Food

Japan Times has an article about the importance of children and pregnant/lactating women avoiding contaminated food

Here is an excerpt from the article by Tomoko Otake

"...infants, children up to the age of 14 and pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid eating food contaminated with even the small doses of radiation. In fact he said that adults should leave safer food for these more at-risk segments of the population even if it means they will eat contaminated food themselves.

"Sugenoya also pointed out that what is fueling people's concerns in particular is the slow disclosure of soil contamination data, despite the fact that it is only through such data that it becomes clear where, and even whether, safe vegetables can be grown. Instead, he said, the government has been occupied only with monitoring radiation levels in the air..."

MAJIA HERE: The problem is that no one is systematically testing soil in Japan or on the US and Canadian west coast.  UC Berkeley recently found Cesium in milk sampled in June so we know that radiation contamination continues to exist on the west coast.

Our government is simply not going to test. Or, if it does test, results will not be made available to the public and will be downplayed if leaked with all sorts of scientific sounding pronouncements about "negligible risks."

The game is predicated on what are called stochastic effects. Radiation's effects are not linear but depend upon exposure variables including the type of radionuclide and the health and age of the person exposed.

Years will pass before discernible effects can be detected in the US.  Detection will occur only if committed epidemiologists are willing to risk their professional careers to look for evidence of this ongoing crime against humanity and all life on earth, particularly in the oceans.

I think that the vast public knows at some basic level that all is not right in the world. I think they know their food has been compromised but they are living in denial. The matrix seduces by distracting from anxiety and uncertainty...

Yet the anxiety and uncertainty are real. Too many stories are leaked about the dangers of our food and food is sacred. Consider all of the rituals and mythology surrounding our food. Food is sacred because without it, we die.

Yet, every day, it seems, our food's apparent vitality is diminished by new reports leaked of the dangers of pesticides, herbicides, and ubiquitous genetic modifications.

Think about it. Round-up read corn and soybeans are in just about every processed food you can buy in a grocery store and these crops are SATURATED with a product now proven to cause birth defects in mammals.

If the Missouri floods the spent fuel pools at the nuclear plants in Oklahoma and Kansas we will be eating radioactive, Round-Up ready, Bt infused corn and soybeans (and now sugar beets as well).

I wonder whether the millions of gallons of corexit spilled in the Gulf of Mexico actually did make it into the precipitation falling on our nation's crops?

Meanwhile, how radioactive are California lettuce crops and strawberries?

We will never know about corexit in our corn or radiation contamination in our strawberries because the EPA isn't testing them or is not releasing data if it is.

I read that sales of luxury fallout shelters are up massively. E.g.,,-up-over-400-percent

I wonder what the point of a fallout shelter is when the earth you will inherit will be so contaminated that your children will be infertile and/or die young?

Our food is sacred yet we are literally allowing it to be poisoned and those who protest are ridiculed as "health nuts" or "survivalists" depending upon what side of the political spectrum they get pigeon holed into.

Food is sacred and it is with water our most basic of needs. Our government and corporate leaders tell us they are making us safe with their armies, police, security checks, and surveillance. Yet they are complicit in the contamination of our sacred food ....

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