Friday, June 17, 2011


What if you lived in a time of crisis and no one around you seemed to know.

Was that what it was like to have been a Jewish person in Austria in the late 1930s?

Did people try and re-assure themselves through denial that everything was ok?

The people who see and hear, were those people shunned by others who chose denial?

I want to know what it felt like back then, because I feel like that now.

I have considerable formal education and have spent my life studying current events.

I have been trained in the scientific method, thoroughly.

What I see is that life as lived by the average person has become utterly detached psychically from political and economic realities.

Yet, no formal degree is required for this insight because I find many on the web who lack formal education, but are very self-educated, observant, and aware.

We, who see, realize the convergence of ongoing crises is being transformed into an ABSOLUTE CRISIS FOR HUMANITY.

The ongoing crises so very obvious for those who care to pay attention are the environmental crisis from oil spills and fracking (and maybe worse); the economic crisis from automation and global greed and corruption; and the global food crisis wrought by the environmental crisis, population pressures, speculation, and corporate mismanagement and greed (monocultures, land grabs, GMs, pesticides, herbicides, etc.).

Converging upon these multiple crises is a nuclear disaster of unprecedented dimensions. Across the northern hemisphere, aging nuclear plants are being stricken by environmental chaos. Unprecedented earthquakes and flooding have overwhelmed aging plants, which now threaten humanity with their unsurpassed poisons. Yet, the mind-numbing dangers of these plants have been shielded from view by corrupt industry, corrupt regulators, and a willfully ignorant public.

In addition to Fukushima I, we know that Fukushima II may have had problems and may still continue to have problems. Now we learn that a nuclear plant in Tsuruga had a fire that the plant operator tampered with video so as to hide evidence of significant problems. On top of those unsurpassed disasters in Japan—and I mean unsurpassed—we have an imminent, or even, ongoing nuclear disaster at Fort Calhoun in the US due to flooding.

We who are aware are now being educated by those scientists, epidemiologist, physicians, and even ornithologists who studied Chernobyl. We learn that even low levels of radioactive fallout have significant and ongoing health effects. We learn that contamination lasts for decades and decades, if not longer. This incredible body of research is finally getting a global audience after being hidden and marginalized by interested parties in power for almost thirty years.

Those who listen GET IT.

We are scared but activated and want to warn people that this mega-nuclear disaster is converging upon other crises and is producing overall a MEGA CRISIS capable of rapidly de-populating the earth.

Yet, those who choose to ignore or deny what is happening do not want to hear what we are saying.

Elite groups and agents in power are happy to encourage this denial and spend considerable resources targeting those who are listening and aware.

The infiltration of the internet with cyber spies, shills, and trolls illustrates a total propaganda campaign unlike any other one in modern history.

The goals of infiltrators are to confuse, mislead, distort, and lie. One way these goals are achieved is by targeting opinion leaders who are respected by online communities and speak truth to power.

Those in denial respond to these tactics because they are afraid to recognize and believe in the truth because it means their lives are going, in all likelihood, to be changed in ways hard to anticipate or fathom.

I don’t know the solution for those who are aware. The aware must support one another, but also remain open to new information and legitimate, but divergent, viewpoints. The aware must continue to warn others, but must avoid sinking into despair, must avoid becoming paranoid, must avoid giving way to rage in ways that are not productive.

Perhaps it is the curse of awareness. I know I am struggling. I sense that others are as well. Please share this message to those who are aware and may feel helpless or hopeless. For although hope has been perverted, and we have been betrayed by our agencies and authorities tasked with protecting us, we could be large in numbers and powerful in voice enough to force TRANSPARENCY AND RESPONSIVENESS. There is not much time left.

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  1. I am still a utilitarian, however, I used to believe that survival of the species (humans) was all our obligation.

    In true Elliot Wave / SEA fashion, my "pack" is getting smaller. My desire to put energy into survival of the species, as opposed to simply, survival of those close to me, is decreased.

    Do not for a moment that that those "tasked with protecting us" have that same point of view. Government attracts those that have a burning desire to "Govern", not to protect.

    Keep up the good work though, and don't lose the faith, focus on the obtainable.


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