Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fukushima Update June 25

Not much information available today.

NHK reports Resumption of decontamination system not in sight

"The operator of the troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has still not resumed operations of a system to decontaminate highly radioactive water.

"Tokyo Electric Power Company had planned to start decontaminating and recycling the water by July 17th to cool the reactors.

Water is being injected continuously into the reactors and the resulting contaminated water is starting to fill up the storage facilities, raising fears that it will start overflowing around July 5th.

So far 4,500 tons of contaminated water has been treated in a test run, and work to remove salt started on Friday....

Tokyo Electric Power Company hopes to fully restart the decontamination system in the next few days. But it has experienced a number of problems and it is unclear whether the recycling of water can be carried out as planned.

High level of radiation exposure estimated

"A group of doctors has found that the estimated level of accumulated internal radiation exposure for people living in Fukushima Prefecture has exceeded 3 millisieverts.

"The researchers, including doctors who have provided medical care to A-bomb survivors, conducted analysis on the food and urine of 15 residents in Iitate Village and Kawamata Town in Fukushima Prefecture. These areas are about 40 kilometers from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

They estimate that residents have been internally exposed to up to 3.2 millisieverts for about 2 months, measuring from the date of the accident in March until early May....

MAJIA HERE: Can we even trust these sets of exposure data?

E-News has a post up suggesting that some authorities and Japanese citizens are wary of any official reports

Amy Goodman's essay published at CounterCurrents (reposted from Truthout) is worth reading: "Japan’s Meltdowns Demand New No-Nukes Thinking"

A survey of nuclear disaster zones,1518,756369,00.html

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