Monday, June 27, 2011

Rendered Wordless—Rendered World-less

I am rendered wordless by the escalating disasters around me.

I have been following these stories closely… (using a variety of excellent media sources including Enews most of all, Washington's Blog, Jeff Rense, Ex-Skf, Counterpunch, Nukefree, Low Level Radiation Campaign, Zerohedge, Huffington Post commentators, Globalresearch, etc.)

And I really cannot believe what I am reading.

Some of these headlines are making me think I’ve lost my mind and sunk into some nightmare like in Total Recall… Unfortunately, as was the case in that narrative, what seems a dream is, in fact, reality.

In Japan,

Fukushima residents' urine now radioactive

“More than 3 millisieverts of radiation has been measured in the urine of 15 Fukushima residents of the village of Iitate and the town of Kawamata, confirming internal radiation exposure, it was learned Sunday.”

Yet, No Public Response to this Human Catastrophe.

Meanwhile, Utter and Complete Silence About the Massive Fire Yesterday!

AND in the U.S. I’ll Sample Headlines Researched and Aggregated by ENews

Local news shows ‘amazing’ and ‘terrifying’ images of wildfire that threatens Los Alamos nuke lab (VIDEO)

NBC News: “This has grown much more serious just in the last few hours” at Los Alamos nuke facility — Mandatory evacuations ordered — Fire Chief won’t say fire won’t go in lab (VIDEO)

“Report: Up to 30,000 drums of plutonium-contaminated waste stored in fabric tents above ground at Los Alamos dumpsite — Lab declines to comment”

What this means is an absolute inferno is headed for Los Alamos nuclear lab, which has been storing plutonium in 30,000 drums in fabric tents at the lab’s “dumpsite.” WTF?

I must really must be in a separate parallel universe. It somehow swallowed me.

Because for Los Alamos’ dumpsite to be threatened after Fort Calhoon was rendered dependent upon emergency generators because of uncontrolled flooding, which now has overwhelmed outer defenses…

flooding because the swollen Missouri is near a 500 year level. In its rage against dams, it is sweeping contaminants down into America’s granaries. American granaries help feed the world because there is no excess supply and with the drought in Australia, drought in China, and the unpredictable weather in Europe (especially Russia and the Ukraine) there is a global food deficit looming. Now America’s granaries are being flooded and contaminated with runoff containing such high amounts of hazardous substances, so hazardous that the state of Kansas issued a health advisory to the public to stay away from the water and to avoid any type of contact, including irrigation.

All of these events cannot be happening at once.

The world I lived in before was corrupted and vicious and people died of deprivation and starvation,

But that world was not threatened with seeming imminent nuclear-tipped environmental extinction through the convergent accumulation of crises.

And in that old world there was not a conspiracy of silence about what was happening, even on days when the radiation and the fire-produced particulates in the air brew toxic.

In this new world I have shared so much information with people about what is happening. 90% of those people do not ask me for updates and only listen politely when I volunteer information for their children’s safety.

This alien world is the worst kind of nightmare. It is a nightmare that assaults you with existential threats and then denies that they exist at all.

Will people simply start getting sick and die without asking any questions at all because it doesn’t happen in a single blow?

I see why some people who are following these events believe in conspiracies such as this is ‘all a planned strategy by the elites of rapidly depopulating the planet.’ I’m not saying I believe that conspiracy. What I’m saying is I get why people believe it.

The little remarked rape of nations going on by insatiable western capitalists (e.g., Greece) and fascist states (they come in different forms) certainly substantiates the belief that the elites are organized and utterly ruthless.

Yet, the reason I don’t believe that particular conspiracy about planned depopulation is because no one will survive the mega-crisis in the making….

We all are being rendered world-less.


  1. Well put.

    I said my piece awhile back.

  2. hey grrl, the varieties of massive brainwashing techniques and drugging and poisoning and lack of critical thinking have taken full effect and there's but a small percentage who aren't status quo droids; believing and caring and not caring according to television and the newspapers - they still have the official word, despite the mass-o-bloggersphere. everyone who contradicts is a conspiracy theorist. because for the foundations to stay solid, they and the authorities/governments must be trusted.

    People are overwhelmed and in shut down. Yes, I want to pretend it will all go away too, I wake up and have to remind myself Fukushima is real. Kids are there. They will die. We are idiots. It's here too. Radiation isn't purple, unfortunately, but it's here, it's in our food, it's contaminating the world. (How much better off am I that I no longer eat leafy vegetables or milk? If I horde grains and packaged foods? Buy gold and silver too? Can we run and hide? Where? How? Buying time? Saving ourselves from painful demise or delaying it???) And it's a thousand things now, a thousand of the most horrible, hideous possible scenarios all at once, attacking every angle, utilizing technology, overcoming every cell of our being. And the ultimate matra rings loud and clear regardless: It is Safe! We Are Safe!

    I remember last year, saying in horror: the Gulf oil spill is the worst disaster that's happened in our lifetime. The people in New Orleans are going to get very, very sick. (For them, Katrina was the good old days...). But it will be felt around the world and no one sees it. No one gets it. It's not just about the Gulf - this is HUGE. ... But it's all a white wash. That 90%+++ Go Team America has turned into zombies (I dont know how bad it is elsewhere, but it seems pretty contagious). . If there were ever a time for a revolution, but it's all diffused, tired, broken, complacent, bought, sold, too young, too old, story of the end, being told.

    People are sad for me. They say my Facebook posts are so sad. (You know, the ones that are merely updates on reality). Sad? Me? Yes, my dear punk rock anarchistic friends, I'm sorry, but YOU are making me sad.... I expect outrage and riots and I get ignorance is bliss. Hard times indeed. On all fronts.

    Mahalo - we should tea party some time (ouw, hadn't really thot about it but, the tea partiers actually ruined the concept of having a frigging tea party ---- all IS lost! ;P

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  4. in total agreement. wish i could say more but rendered wordless

  5. You're not living in an alternate universe. You're living at the end of the oil age, Peak energy if you will. The end of industrial civilization itself. We are like yeast in a barrel and our die-off is natural and expected. In fact it proves that we belong on this planet. It sad with the atomic material we leave behind, but earth will recooperate. There just won't be any humans. I don't care about when or why, it is inevitable (Mr. Anderson) ;)


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