Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rense: Posting State of Kansas Public Health Warning for the Missouri


Tom Burnett: "Does the below story reflect the same symptoms as radiation poisoning?"

Kansas Health Officials - Don't Use Missouri River For ANYTHING

The Associated Press

TOPEKA - The Kansas Department of Health and Environment is advising people to avoid contact with the Missouri River.

The health department issued a health advisory Tuesday for all portions of the Missouri River that flow through the state. It advises that the flooding could sweep pathogens from surface water and partially treated sewage into the river.

The department is advising people to avoid contact with the river and to restrict pets and livestock from the river until flooding eases, which might not be for weeks. Pathogens can cause skin, ear, respiratory, eye and wound infections and diarrhea.

The KDHE says it's working to evaluate the risk of flooded wastewater treatment systems and has notified downstream water suppliers of the threat.

MAJIA HERE: There are apparently several nuclear plants along the Missouri. Moreover, there are no doubt many chemical processing sites and industries located along the river for reasons of transport.

The fear at Ft. Calhoun is the spent fuel pools, which are not elevated and could, I understand, flood.

Would we, the public, be notified of a nuclear event involving flooding of those pools even if the radioactive contamination was washed down the Missouri? The answer is obviously, NO.

In addition to the problems of immediate contamination, we need to consider what the longer term consequences are going to be for agriculture in the area.

Scary even if there is no nuclear contamination--the chemicals, including petro-chemicals--will do enough damage.

Who would have thought we would live through environmental apocalypse? The BP Gulf Oil spill, the fracking disaster for water tables in the US, the contamination of our waterways with Bt, the ongoing contamination from fossil fuels, and now radioactive hell. What is for dessert?

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