Sunday, June 12, 2011

5/12: Arnie Gunderson's Latest Interview: Hot Particles and Radiation Detectors

Nuclear engineer Arnie Gunderson has a new video everyone should watch.

He discusses the "hot particles" detected in Japan and also in Seattle.

Hot particles are radionuclide that are not easily detectable with a Geiger counter or regular radiation detection because they are not in a "cloud" formation like xenon gas.

However, hot particles can lodge in lung or other bodily tissue and emit ionizing radiation as they decay, damaging nearby cell tissue.

Arnie said that air filter tests reveal that people in Tokyo inhaled on average 10 hot particles a day in the early days of the disaster.

People in Seattle on average inhaled 5 hot particles a day.

People in Fukushima Prefecture inhaled maybe 300 hot particles a day.

No level of hot particle is "safe" except ZERO.

Tepco, the Japanese Gov, the Canadian Gov, and the US Governments all failed to warn and protect their populations.

In other news, a nameless poster investigated through a backdoor the Zardoz customers and found the US General Services Administration was a customer.

Zardoz was the file containing the radiation dispersion maps that were much more brightly colored than the maps released for public consumption. I cannot confirm this information but if true it raises some questions and concerns....

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