Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Truth as an "Object of Government" as PsyWars Escalate

Truth has now become an object of government as the production and status of facts is problematized in an escalating psychological war that was professionalized by Edward Bernays, among others, and ratcheted up by a renewed Cold War. See my post here:

Today the psychological warfare over public opinion has achieved arms-race-fervor, as illustrated in this article here:
Wayne Madsen (2018, March 26). The Dawn of Psychographic Outcome-based Warfare

Somewhere deep in the bowels of the Israeli intelligence-surveillance-military complex – perhaps, in a dozen or more highly-secured computer systems laboratories in Tel Aviv, Herzliya, Ramat Gan, and Petach Tikva – the idea was first stumbled upon. Borrowing from the psychographic tools developed by online marketing firms and coupling them with age-old propaganda methods and more-modern psychological warfare techniques used by military and intelligence services, it was determined that elections can be manipulated, not at the ballot box, but by influencing the voters. Welcome to the world of psychographic outcome-based warfare or “POW.” It is no longer vogue to interfere with vote counting. Instead, psychographic warfare experts have decided that it is much more advantageous to influence the voters before they cast their votes. This form of information warfare was initiated in 2006 after the development of the Megaphone Desktop Tool, a software program designed to respond to what was considered anti-Israeli content on the web.

I cannot attest to the truth-status of Madsen's specific allegations, but I have no doubt at all that the strategy he describes as POW is being deployed by nations and organizations with the infrastructures to enable it.

Yesterday, I argued that critical thinking and complete source transparency together represent the best option for the governance of truth in an era of escalating psychological operations.

However, these options require governments to mandate legal reforms. New laws are needed that enforce complete transparency in spending aimed at shaping public opinion. There should be no exceptions. Transparency should be required of front organizations, often set up as NGOs, that hide their funding sources. Sourcing should be required in advertising, infomercials and marketing of all forms.

If an organization engages in public persuasion, then its funding sources should be disclosed.

Moreover, laws are needed to limit political spending, in addition to branding founding sources. For example, see discussion here:
Center for Law and Democracy (2012) Regulation of Paid Political Spending. Available
Additionally, critical thinking skills should be incorporated in educational curriculum, beginning with kindergarten, fostering an inquisitive ethos that is promoted all the way up the educational ladder.

Transparency and critical thinking will help combat the escalating psywar, whose strategies and tactical deployments can be traced back to Edward Bernays' Propaganda.

Censorship as a strategy for governing truth is the option our established mainstream media and politicians seem to prefer, but this strategy aims to homogenize and control and will likely police boundaries in ways that benefit those whose purses own and fund global media incorporated.


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  1. When fukers are back talking about "Axis of Evil," in murica, we know it is time for regime change.

  2. The more democratic our republic becomes the better our society is. Propaganda as opposed to real news and information promotes authoritarianism. For many decades now the majority of Americans have been fed propaganda by an opaque government. For example, we have been told over and over again about the objectivity and excellence of the DOJ and the FBI and yet now we can see that both are terribly corrupt. Recently an internal memo was sent to all FBI agents that they are to take action when they receive information regarding a potential violent event. Really! Most would have thought such a memo unnecessary, but the Parkland School event has shown otherwise. For a year and a half one of the House committees has been seeking various documents from the DOJ/FBI without any luck though Congress has a definite right to that information. Its demand is being treated as a request instead of an order. It is only when things have gone far off rail that this kind of news reaches MSM and then only one of the major networks. This is elitism which is the worst enemy of democracy. How can people be good citizens if they are left in the dark? Of course that is the point, to bypass the masses so the right sorts can make the decisions that matter. Even the supposed decision makers are really just front persons whose strings are pulled from behind the curtain. To even mention this is to be labelled a conspiracy theorist.


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