Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Fukushima Refugee Testifies at UN, Asks for Support

Not too long ago Greenpeace reported that the Japanese government has agreed to adhere to UN recommendations regarding Fukushima refugees:
Greenpeace (2018/03/08) Japanese government accepts United Nations Fukushima recommendations - current policies now must change to stop violation of evacuee human right. Available, 
The time line on that agreement is vague as are the policy implications. The Greenpeace article expressed cautious optimism.

In the face of uncertainty, Fukushima evacuees have petitioned the UN for support:
Fukushima evacuee asks for support at UN (2018, march 19). NHK 
A Japanese woman who evacuated Fukushima after the 2011 nuclear accident has called for international support at the United Nations Human Rights Council.  Akiko Morimatsu delivered a speech at the Council in Geneva on Monday. She moved to Osaka with her 2 children after the accident.  Morimatsu criticized the Japanese government for focusing only on policies that encourage former residents to return to the affected areas.
See also:
Kazue Suzuki, Greenpeace Japan, addressing UN Human Rights Council, Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of Japan, Geneva 19th March 2018

Ignoring the UN recommendation is not acceptable -- Fukushima mother tells Human Rights Council 
Geneva, March 19 2018 - The Japanese government must immediately take measures to fully implement the Fukushima recommendations accepted today at the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC), an evacuee mother from the nuclear disaster and Greenpeace told the UN session. Recommendations made by member states, if implemented, would dramatically improve the lives of tens of thousands of evacuees, including restoring the rights of self evacuees and reducing the radiation exposure of Fukushima citizens to the international recommended maximum.[1]
I've been publishing and blogging about significant challenges facing Fukushima's radiation refugees.

The UN needs to take a strong stand supporting the rights to be free from excess radiation risks posed by nuclear accidents such as Fukushima.

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    It is delusional technology that was justified as a complement and, catalyst for more suicidal nuclear weapons.

    Are war and nuclear weapons and, energy true motivations for Scientific advancement, as we have had hammered into our head, through imperial propaganda since birth ?

    No, improvement in hygiene and sanitation did the most to increase our lifespans and make our lifestyles, more conducive to learning about and using and developing rational science.
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    Japan is becoming more progressively irrational and dangerous to themselves and those around them as the political, cultural, societal, environmental, economic, and biological ramifications grow worse.


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