Friday, March 23, 2018

"False Perceptions Cloud Fukushima" OR "Fukushima News Coverage: A Cloud of False Perceptions"?

Japan has been striving to re-establish normalcy since the Fukushima disaster occurred seven years. 

Efforts to re-establish normalcy have included lifting evacuation zones in the most radiation-contaminated areas near the plant and lifting food export barriers, among other tactics I've described at this blog.

Most recently we see this normalcy push in renewed rice exports from Fukushima to France:

We also see a public relations push across international media outlets to establish equivalences across the following terms:

fear of radiation [aka "radiophobia"] - false information - discrimination/bullying

Equivalences drawn across these terms imply that fear of radiation is held only by people who are irrational, uneducated and discriminatory.

This is set of equivalences operates as a kind of propaganda aimed at de-legitimizing concern about long-term exposure to increased levels of radionuclides, now in Japan officially allowed to be 20 times higher than prior to the accident. The US has also increased its allowable exposure levels (see

The news article "False Perceptions Cloud Fukushima" published March 21 in the Japan Times illustrates how fear of radiation is being equated with ignorance and discriminatory treatment against refugees:
False perceptions cloud Fukushima (Mar 21, 2018). The Japan Times,

Still, the fact that a majority of people in Tokyo seem to think there will be lasting health damage from the Tepco plant accident that extends to future generations, the think tank report warns, is worrying because it might breed prejudice against the people of Fukushima Prefecture. In fact, we have heard many cases of people who evacuated from the prefecture in the aftermath of the nuclear plant accident being bullied or discriminated against as they’re associated with radiation. Such prejudice is fueled by the lack of relevant knowledge. Disseminating accurate information holds the key for a better public understanding of the current situation in Fukushima.
Although discrimination against Fukushma's radiation refugees is a problem that further victimizes the victims, the solution is NOT to deny that fear of radiation is wrong and ignorant.

Radiophobia, the idea that people are irrationally and hysterically concerned about exposure to ionizing radiation, is a tool used to discredit legitimate concerns regarding the long-term effects of exposure to ionizing radiation. Please see my posts here, especially the first one on radiophobia:

These analyses draw on compelling empirical evidence documenting radiation risks. Additionally, NASA's recent twin-study illustrates that gene expression is very clearly impacted by exposure to ionizing radiation see here:

Denying clear, albeit not fully mapped, hazards is very strong evidence of the logic of dispossession I have described as nuclear governmentality:

We must REMIND ourselves: We are entitled to transparency of environmental information and research on biological effects. We are entitled to democratic participation in the governance structures whose official mission is to securitize the health, welfare, and happiness of the population.

Pacific Radiation Levels off CA Coast Triple: John Bertucci, Molly P. Johnson + Voices from Japan: Filmmaker Hitomi Kamanaka – NH #352

Busby, Chris (March 20, 2018). Cancer, George Monbiot and Nuclear Weapons Test Fallout



  1. Be safe, do not overwork, and know we care Majia.

  2. The reality is that the true facts on radiation toxicity have been carefully obfuscated for ages by all nations profiteering handsomely from nuclear energy, medical radiation, and nuclear weaponry, such as the US, France, Russia, India, or Japan.

    The conventional medical-dental industries and the nuclear-military industries (=the radiation cartel) have been, for well over half a century , perpetually lying about, and minimizing, the true toxicity of ionizing radiation (e.g resorting to false sneaky comparisons between radiation exposure from sunlight or an airplane flight to a dental or medical x-ray or the exposure to nuclear fallout, etc. to deliberately deceive the unwitting public) to avoid culpability for the huge number of deaths and injuries that they're responsible for (discussed and well referenced in the book "The Mammogram Myth" by Rolf Hefti -- author's outline at ).

    The official accounts on the Chernobyl debacle, as an example, range from a few dozen to a few hundred people who ended up dead while independent analyses (conducted by people NOT tied to the corrupt corporate mainstream "science" syndicate) estimated the death toll in the tens to hundreds of thousands (in some cases approaching a million) of deceased people (and the radiation cartel-induced massacre is continuing).

    The distortions and disinformation about the alleged safety of (low dose) radiation or the purported lack of much harm to people, whether from medical x-rays or fallout from disaster sites such as Chernobyl or Fukushima, continues to this day. The real danger and damage caused by Chernobyl and Fukushima are much higher than the officialdom wants the public to believe.

    You can recognize the global grip of this powerful big money cartel by the ominous absence in the reporting of the allied corporate mass media (the mainstream fake news media) about the ongoing severe disaster at Fukushima, or by any of the solid proofs about the frauds this criminal evil cartel is involved in. You can find out more about that from Dr. Chris Busby, Dr. Helen Caldicott and others who are not tied to the corrupt radiation cartel.

  3. And that post does not even cover, exposure to radioactive chemicals on the skin, internally, and bioccumulated.

  4. As with many modern expert texts, on target organ toxicology, I noticed no chapter or chapters, on radionuclides. The chapters in the target organ-toxicology text, were documentations of mechanisms of toxicity for heavy metals, drugs, chemotherapy, and organic chemicals, for that organ.
    The text did have a chapter, on the use of radiopbarmaceutical agents used to do radioarteriograms. The chapter also talked about using radioactive- chemical markers to to monitor different toxins dispositions, in the target organ.
    I thought, how rediculous is that? Usng radioactive chemical that are more toxic and damaging that the toxic agents thy are monitor for damage. No chapter on radionuclide toxicity and mechanisms, for that organ. Sick world we live in.

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