Friday, March 9, 2018

Japan Agrees to Accept UN Fukushima Recommendations

Several days ago I posted about radiation refugees and, in particular, the struggle for justice for Fukushima's radiation refugees who are being economically coerced by the gradual elimination of housing subsidies into returning to areas up to 20 times more contaminated than prior to the disaster:

Some good news on this front was published yesterday - Japan vows to accept the UN Fukushima recommendations:
Greenpeace (2018/03/08) Japanese government accepts United Nations Fukushima recommendations - current policies now must change to stop violation of evacuee human right. Available,
プレスリリース - 2018-03-08 Tokyo - The Japanese government has announced that it had accepted all four recommendations made at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on the rights of evacuees from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident. The decision is a victory for the human rights of tens of thousands of evacuees, and civil society that have been working at the UNHRC and demanding that Japan accept and comply with UN principles. The decision means that the Japanese government must immediately change its unacceptable policies, said Greenpeace. The announcement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was made in a formal submission to the UNHRC*. 
Days previous to this announcement, Greenpeace published the results of their most recent radiation monitoring in Japan:
Greenpeace (2018, March). Reflections in Fukushima: The Fukushima Daiichi Accident Seven Years On. Radiation Investigation of the exclusion zone of Namie and open areas of Namie and Iiterate.
Too many areas remain too contaminated for people to return and are at-risk of re-contamination as water sloughs off of mountainsides that cannot be decontaminated.

The Japanese government's decision to abide by the UN Fukushima recommendations is heartening, although compliance details are still forthcoming. It is a crime against life to force people to assume greater radiation risk by living in highly contaminated environments.

Japan is hardly alone, as I discussed in my post on radiation refugees, as many nations are guilty of condemning their citizens to higher risks of radiation-induced diseases by failing to acknowledge and mitigate radiological contamination.

Fukushima Daiichi today

Compare the two images taken approximately 3 minutes apart (4:44 and 4:47). What is responsible for the white glow over the unit 4 structure?

Weather in Fukushima today is 39 degrees Fahrenheit, 30% precipitation and 66% humidity. Friday's precipitation was recorded at 30%.



  1. Japanese government is ruthless! I will pray people are not forced back by japanese government and nuclear cabal chicanery

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