Saturday, March 31, 2018

Why are Incidents of Whooping Cough Rising?

Yesterday I saw an article posted at Yahoo regarding Whooping Cough:

Maggie Parker (2018, March 29). Whooping cough is making a comeback — here’s what you need to know. Yahoo Lifestyle.
Apparently whooping cough incidents have increased substantially, especially over 2017 and into 2018, calling into question the whooping cough vaccine's efficacy.

Here is a chart from the CDC, which only includes data up to 2016, well before the huge spikes in 2017 and 2018 of formally diagnosed incidents:

A news article from 2014 describes the then-surging cases of whooping cough:
Jyoti Madhusoodanan (2014, September 17). Persistent Pertussis. The Scientist,
An altered vaccine and parents opting-out of inoculations have contributed to ongoing outbreaks across the U.S. In its most recent tally of California’s continuing whooping cough epidemic, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported nearly 8,000 cases of pertussis in the state this year; 267 of those cases were severe enough to require hospitalization.   And it’s not just California that’s seen a recent surge in pertussis: several Washington, DC-area schools reported more than a dozen cases just last week. Minnesota has reported 708 cases already this year. Nationwide, there have been more than 17,000 reported cases of whooping cough since the start of 2014, according to the CDC.
Why did whooping cough incidents increase during this period? The article above attributes the causes to a changed vaccination and dropping vaccination across the population.

The more current 2018 Yahoo article discusses the various causes cited as responsible for these rising incidents and concludes the following, citing a study from a researchers:
Maggie Parker (2018, March 29). Whooping cough is making a comeback — here’s what you need to know. Yahoo Lifestyle.
“Our results are important because they show that recent trends in pertussis are not necessarily caused by recent changes in epidemiology or biology,” said first author Matthieu Domenech de Cell├Ęs, formerly a UM postdoctoral researcher under King, now at the Institut Pasteur in Paris.

Instead, natural population turnover, incomplete vaccination coverage, and slowly waning protection from a highly effective yet imperfect vaccine best explain the resurgence of whooping cough, according to this research.
Majia here: What does it mean to say that "recent trends" (i.e., increased incidents) are not caused by "recent changes in epidemiology or biology"?

One can try infer what the explanation is after reading the second paragraph but "natural population turnover, incomplete vaccination, and slowly waning protection from an imperfect vaccine" (which is simultaneously represented as highly effective) does not offer closure on why the incidents are increasing so substantially.

This speculation on the cause of rising incidents is not idle.  My son (who is not a small child anymore) developed a severe "whooping cough" last fall and now has it again this spring. He never received a formal diagnosis despite having it twice.

In my son's case, two doctors have been unable to explain his condition despite antibiotic and steroid treatments. His condition is being described as some sort of suddenly-acquired reactive airway disease.  We checked for mold in his room and have been able to rule that out.

His friends have similarly been afflicted with bouts of coughing but no formal diagnoses of pertussis.

Why are our children sicker in this particular way?

Why are their bronchial passages so inflamed?
I cannot but wonder whether the "recent changes in epidemiology or biology" are in truth to blame. What recent change in biology can you imagine as possibly contributing to increased incidents of whooping cough?


  1. I like the implied reasoning the Vaccines work... I doubt it very much, The increases most likely are heaped on a population suffering serious environmental damage from factors politics is sweeping under the rug, A rug you need a Sherpa to navigate over..

    I see so many mutations and weird stuff, I also see the timeline of these manifestations, NEWS is lying to you about these two things. I trust my senses to warn me about the dangers in my environment, The men that want me to be sick and dead always use lies to hide their actions against the many they target, This time is not any different.

    1. You are a moron , small pox was wiped out by vaccination. You do not even have a college degree. You would not have aurvived childhood in canada if techniques to increase hygeine and basic vaccinations like diptheria, pertussis, small pox, and a few other lethal infections were not vaccinated against.

    2. And you can think whatever you want, I seem to be doing just fine.

      I thank mom for not allowing this crap be shot into my body..

      Smartest thing she ever did for me...

    3. Bs. Does not matter though. Too many morons around like you anyways. You do not even know what the word immunization means, or vaccinations are. Maybe not even real. Another political propagandist, bot or trump bot. If u had to go to a place where were yellow fever, or dengue and work around it u would vaccinate. To tell other people they cannot or should not vaccinate is irresponsible and criminal. White devils who murderously stole native land had some sort of immunity from small pox whether whether from jenner vacuoles or aomething else. Meanwhile they actively went out of their way to infect native americans with small pox. You would never stop to think that u havent got diptheria or small pox perussis because eveyone else is imunized. That is beyond your pea brain. If u saw diptheria around u or small pox u might do something but maybe not, because u are a bot or a nut.

    4. Bot?, Nut?, Moron?, Criminal?... Well i see a lot of your type every day... Just because YOU believe this stuff does not make you right... My mother saw the effects of this program on her first children, Then she went through a ton of BS from persons like you and saved her second son from the damages done to her first three, I thank mother for the protection, I trust the immunity God gave me, Calling me a criminal for telling the way it is instead of sucking Satan's cock and plowing the big pharma line of shit about protections and how to achieve them, well you can just get bent Mr Anon... I have no reason to worry at all, I have lived for fifty years, In this time i have been exposed to a vast spectrum of disease and i KNOW my immune system is top notch BECAUSE i have one that God intended with out the interference of Mammon and his stupid vaccines. Thanks Mom, You were right and this Anon fool is WRONG. Have a unborn child THINK before you step into this trap, You only get one chance to protect your child for their entire life.

    5. So it was alright for whites to have immunizations against small pox from jenner vacuolization and immunization, and commit biological genocide with small pox. We know you do not care about anyone else, because you think your god chose you to be special.

    6. Everyone has the right to stand in the light and bask n the protection the one true God has for every man or woman, After half a century of experience with not listening to the retarded ranting of the evil worshiping Haters of the way of this world, i can say with out too much trouble, You get everything you deserve and the dung you sling is never going to hit the target you intend.

      You yammer on about some jab of toxins like it is some sort of miracle, Well Anon, you are just plain WRONG. So blather on and on, thinking is for adults.

    7. Industrial chemicals, exhaust chemicals, and more likely radionuclides can cause fibrolysis of lung, brachial, and tracheal tissue. I have a friend who worked on the the navajo nation for years.
      There have been having whooping cough outbreaks their for year the 30 years, he worked there and then some.
      It was perhaps, partly because not all kids there go immunized.

      Now there are are strains of erythromycin resistant whooping cough there and all over the country, making it worse.
      There were also diffuse cases of spontaneously generated cystic fibrosis, after nuclear testing close on the navajo nation.
      Cystic fibrosis, until the atomic age, only occured through familial genetic transmission.
      Many possibilities. Several myriads of nuclear pollution related etiology. Sad, scarey and depressing.

    8. I know that paraquat causes rapid fibrosis when consumed internally or exposed to the lungs. So do heavy metal radionuclide ores. Maybe there is something new in the air. I live in the southwest now. My neighbor was diagnosed with irreversible, terminal fibrosis in his lungs, after the killer flu this winter. He worked in a chemical factory for 15 years though. They oughta try mucumyst on your kid. Our medical establishment is running into walls of competence because of their refusal to acknowledge environmental pathogens- roles in illness before and now. They also overtreated with antibiotics, when they should not have before.
      American doctors rarely rely on outside the box explanations and treatment alternatives.

  2. We definitely breath more toxins, than ever before, because there are more cars, nuclear reactors, radionuclides gasses, fossil fuels, pesticides than ever before. There are probably pathogens we do not know about. Antibiotic resistance has gone through 10 quantum leaps in the past 20 years. 

    My friend in seattle is a public health nurse. She says there is a minor diptheria epidemic there. Especially among the elderly and kids.

    Diptheria is a horrible flesh eating disease, worse than mrsa.

    Maybe some immunizations did run amok, but many people at the turn of the century lost their children to whooping cough, rubella, diptheria, yellow fever, and even small pox. Now, there is a backlash against immunizations.

    This civilization is inundated with pesticides, radium in our water, industrial chemicals for petrochem and plastic production-their waste products, radionuclides from nuclear waste, fluorocarbons, tritium, list goes on. Our immune systems are effected drastically, especially by radionuclides like strontium 90, that is highly concentrated in used fuel rods from nuclear reactors. Quite a bit of it probably came and is coming from fukushima.

    Their is also massive poverty again, moreso than ever before, in history in the united states, and more concentrated.

    Poor Hygeine, feces fouled water, open sewers was an important cofactor in highly virulent epidemics in the past. It is back, in different ways. There are millions of homeless in the us now living in cars, camps, shantytowns, cloistered in cities. So tragic.

  3. Two epidemics in the world should concern people now. Even the most conservative observers have noted that radioactive cesium from japan is getting here now . we have megatons of our own hi level waste from nuclear reactors, with as much as 10% radioactive cesium , by weight.

    Cesium 137 causes chernobyl heart. It is all over japan. Check the airfilters of your car, if it is from Japan post2011. Japannese car, air filters, are full of cesium 137. 
    As little as 8 millionths of a gram of cesium 137, in your body, can cause chernobyl heart. Chernobly heart is permanent damage to the muscle itself, the pacemaker function, and or heart valves.

    It is probably true that as many as 1 in 9 people, in some parts of america have chagas now. One in five in texas, new mexico, arizona,have chagas. Chagas has come from an infestation of assasin bugs  in america in the last 10 years. Chagas destroys the heart like cesium137 does. The combination  will be deadly.

    Chernobyl heart is another syndrome not just a documentary. It occurs when exposed to 40bq/kg of rcesium in the environment for a year or more. It happens when 60 millionths of a gram of cesium 137 goes to the heart. 

    The number of 40bq/kg is based on Dr Miller and dr Bandaschevskys direct observations and research, from several years in belarus, ukraine. 

    Radiopharmaceutical companies and the us army know exactly what the acute lethal and damging dose of cesium 137 is. It is used as a radiopharmaceutical. Same with I131. It has been tested on animals and humans and there are volumes of patient data.

    Cesium 137 is used by pharmaceutical companies in radiopharmaceuticals to treat cancers, as tracers, and ablaters.

    Those conclusions are based on injecting monkeys and other animals with cesium 137. Some of the human injectionn data, they got from the army. 

    Most people do not know they have chagas. Little treatment is available. Scientific american posits those statistics, based on the alarming rise of assasin bugs in the southwest and southeast. Their may also be chagas in bedbugs, rat wild animal, and domestic animal resorvoirs. Assassin bugs have mushroomed from climate change, massive immigration demography changes, icreases in flooding and poor hygeine. Chagas is related to tse tse fly sleeping sickness in africa which has killed 10s to hundreds of millions worldwide. It is protazoan. Not so many drugs or chemicals kill it.

    How does  anyone know , they have not encountered chagas? Many times it goes into the heart like hep c does the liver. Sometimes even antibody tests do not show it. The combination of radionuclides flooding into the environment and diseases like chagas is a timebomb

    A lady in phoenix, found her house infested with assasin bugs recently. They have not found many assasin bugs that do not have chagas. Her bugs did. Too bad. 

    The government does not care. Especially this govt, that encourages fukushima food chalked full of cesium 137 to be shipped to the world and us. Stay away from japanese food!

  4. 8-60 millionths of a gram of cesium137 is a lethal dose.

  5. Vaccination against whooping cough was always probelmatic. Same for tuberculosis.

    Immunization is more derivative of homeopathy, than allopathy. It has been around for millenia.
    Pathogens are made of proteins, rna, dna, and other natural organic matter. Same and similar to us . No deadly radeonuclides becuase they are toxic to them too.
    BITS OF pathogens as small, as repeating protein strucures, can be used to try and establish an antigenic response.

    To the primitive minds of those, who rely on magical thinking, or Jesus dominionism vaccines are evil!
    Same lackeys, dont believe in medical interventions to save innocent children's lives, not even blood transfusions from relatives!

    Any act of creating an immune response to the most destructive pathogens, to them, is evil! So it is, amongst those who have gotten some form of vaccination.
    Our immune systems are weakening. Our immune system are becoming dysfuctionally hyperactive from radionuclides and the abnormally hi conentrations of acute toxic and chronically toxic chemicals in our environment.

    The thing which has provided us and our ancesters,the most protection for survival in this, is not functioning properly now, for a great majority of people.

    The rubber bullet antibiotics, that were mostly derived from yeasts, against deadly pathogens hardly work.

    Eukariotic organisms , prokareotic organisms, parasitic organsisms, are mutating so rapidly, they can harly be kept up with.

    There are array of things going on.
    1. Whooping cough was always hard to immunize against.
    2. Whooping cough releases a toxin that can have long acting effects on the host.
    3. A great many whooping cough strains are drug resistant
    4. The whooping cough insults probably makes people more vulnerable to environmental toxin insults and other pathogens


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