Sunday, November 27, 2011

On EPA Censoring and Failure of Transparency in Government

Majia Here: Over the last six months I have had the pleasure of corresponding with Capt. Clyde H. Stagner, US Regular Army Retired.

Capt. Stagner worked at the original Nevada Test Site and has years of scientific expertise in radiation monitoring and testing. 

He has productively employed his expertise to the problems of air and water quality in Arizona by researching and subsequently advocating on behalf of reforms.

His research has addressed both chemical and radiological contamination. He played an important role in advocating for reforms in perchlorate levels in Arizona water. I posted about his efforts some time ago.

Additionally, he has been involved with research on Tritium hazards in collaboration with other scientists, including some from my own university, Arizona State University. His research on tritium is very important and deserves a separate post, which I'm still working on. A list of some of his published work is found here:

Most recently, Capt. Stagner has been concerned about the EPA monitoring of radiation in the Phoenix area. 

The sources for the radiation include tritium from our local power plant, Palo Verde, and fallout from Fukushima.

Capt. Stagner has been investigating tritium contamination in Phoenix for some years. Tritium, as Capt. Stagner has pointed out in his written research (most specifically in the research reports "Tritium Hazard" and "Phoenix Women and Tritium") has been linked to stillborn and infant deaths and Down's Syndrome. Tritium "pools" in the environment and is extremely hazardous to health. Nuclear power plants produce large amounts of tritium.

Indeed, recently the media reported on the widespread release of tritium by US nuclear power plants. 75 percent of nuke sites have leaked tritium

Capt. Stagner, like so many of us who are following the EPA's Radnet data, is concerned that the data are being censored and therefore the EPA is not complying with its mandate.

Thus, he contacted the EPA asking why it has posted a warning notice and he requested information about where the Phoenix monitoring sites were located. 

Capt. Stagner received a phone call in response to his request for information about the monitoring sites. The woman from the EPA stated that releasing monitoring sites was sensitive and could cause a "panic" in Phoenix.

Why would the release of monitoring sites cause panic? Maybe the EPA is afraid that the disclosure of monitoring data will cause panic.

Capt. Stagner is understandably concerned about the EPA's censorship and has since written this letter to President Obama. I applaud his bravery and patriotism. Here is the letter:

Honorable Mr. President,
ON 21 Nov 2011,a lady from the EOA called the undersigned at his home concerning an FOIA request to the EPA for the specific addresses of EPA radiation monitoring sites "Phoenix" and "Phoenix/956". 
The lady stated the addresses were not classified but were sensitive in that their release to me could possibly cause a panic in Phoenix.This AM,after accessing Envirofacts Database earlier, the following CENTRAL DATA EXCHANGE HOME appeared on the Internet:
"Warning Notice:EPA's Central Exchange Registration procedure is a part of a United States Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) Unauthorized access or use of this computer system may subject violators to criminal,civil,and/or administrative action, monitored,recorded,read,copied,and disclosed by and to authorized personnel for official purposes,including law enforcement any person,whether authorized or unauthorized,constitutes consent to these terms"
Honorable Mr. President, If my analysis scientifically shows Phoenix is smothered with tritium,either my science is wrong and would be ignored; or the EPA  is smothering my noncommercial work for the citizens because of a reality EPA has failed to announce. 
EPA has only opaqueness. Your assistance in removing these EPA censorship parameters is respectfully requested.
Most Respectfully,
Capt. Clyde H. Stagner, US Regular Army Ret.



  1. Thank you for posting this...As you know I have ulcerative colitis which there may have been an outbreak of around 2006 in the metro area. I think it has been covered up as well. The colon absorbs water and if I'm not mistaken, tritium is radioactive hydrogen and fits right into a water molecule no problem. I have been unable to find anything to read about what this man has found, but I am intrigued.

  2. When I go to the EPA radnet webpage and click on Region 9, it quickly loads information that appears to disclose the monitoring stations, but then automatically loads another webpage after just a couple of seconds. This is what I captured for Arizona:

    Phoenix (40th st)
    Air particulates, precipitation, milk

    Phoenix (Central)
    Near Real-Time Gamma Tucson (Central)
    Air Particulates, Near Real-Time Gamma

  3. Exposure of misinformation and their perpetrators is essential.


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