Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Japan Aims to Increase Nuclear Exports: Unbelievable!

Diet set to give green light for nuclear exports

[Excerpted] "Despite the ongoing Fukushima nuclear crisis, lawmakers are expected to ratify accords in the current Diet session giving the green light to exports of Japan’s nuclear technology.

With major manufacturers desperate to find new markets abroad after the March 11 accident put a brake on building in Japan, both major parties have agreed to put bilateral civil nuclear agreements with Jordan, Vietnam, South Korea and Russia to the vote as early as December. Diet discussions started Nov. 30.

The Japanese government signed the agreements, which are necessary to allowing the export of nuclear technology, by January 2011, but Diet ratification was delayed by the events in Fukushima.

...There has been particular criticism of the government’s rush to pass the accords, instead of waiting for next summer, when it is scheduled to complete a new energy strategy...."

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