Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Media Propaganda Against OWS Commences in Force

My local paper on the front page ran an article titled, "Troubles Mounting for 'Occupy' Movement."

Centered in the article is the query, "Is this an occupation or an infestation?"

In this fashion, my local paper referred to the tens of thousands of demonstrators in this country as vermin.

Never mind that these protestors are simply fed up with Wall Street GREED and CORRUPTION.

If you haven't woken up yet, let me be the one to do it. The CRIMINALS are the Wall Street Crowd and their Government and ENERGY INDUSTRY cronies.

Not all government workers are criminals. Not all energy industry workers are criminals. Not all all Wall Street types are criminals BUT AN AWFUL LOT OF THEM ARE.

So, how DARE my local paper refer to the OWS demonstrators as vermin.

I'm pretty sick and tired of the mainstream media's outright lies and propaganda.

Why don't they cover something that really matters right now, like the skyrocketing radiation levels in their communities, as measured by the EPA's radnet. 

Or the growing hopelessness of the unemployed.

Or the destruction of our oceans by the radiation from Fukushima.

Or the rising social costs of the never-ending economic crisis, leading to very high rates of child abuse.

Why don't they cover the crisis of health afflicting our working class population who have little access to affordable  health coverage.

Why don't they cover the real news? 

Their lack of coverage tells you exactly who owns and controls the mainstream media.

I would rather dig for my news through Internet blogs and sites than read such outright propaganda.

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  1. For sure, the control of media is an abhorrent thing. Intentional lies created by media should be punished by law. A bad opinion is one thing, a fabricated lie is another.


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