Tuesday, November 8, 2011


NHK: No criticality in Fukushima
"Japan's nuclear agency has confirmed that sustained nuclear fission did not take place at the Fukushima nuclear power plant last week. 

The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency disclosed the results of experts' studies on a report by Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO.

The utility detected a small amount of the radioactive material, xenon-135, in the reactor's containment vessel of the damaged No.2 reactor on Tuesday of last week. 

"TEPCO initially feared it may signal an ongoing nuclear reaction. But it determined that the substance was produced through spontaneous fission, a form of radioactive decay, and not from sustained fission or criticality."

MAJIA HERE: I am not educated enough in the area of physics to comment one way or another about the difference between "spontaneous fission" and "sustained fission or criticality."
That said, every comment I've read posted by people clearly more educated in this area than I have discounted Tepco's efforts to trivialize the fission that is occurring at Fukushima.

From my point of view, what matters is that Fukushima is still producing radiation that literally is almost off the EPA's chart in Yuma AZ and that is over 10X background in Phoenix.

What matters to me is that Potrblog in St Louis is still finding rain over 200X background and a scientific study has found that radioactive cesium is accumulating in soil west of the Rockies.

I don't care what Tepco wants to call it, but anecdotal evidence suggests that people in Japan are getting sicker and sicker from the radiation being produced at Fukushima.

Finally, I see no evidence that the governments of the world are working collaboratively to solve this ongoing problem of ceaseless radiation production by some unnameable process.

My colleagues and friends turn away when I talk about what is going on at Fukushima and when I mention the radiation that falls from the sky embedded in precipitation.

They do not want to know. The trauma of the nuclear bombs dropped on Japan and elsewhere remains in our collective unconscious. The trace of horror and guilt is carved deep, so deep that the collective societal response to the return of the nuclear horror is denial.

And so Tepco is largely unchallenged when it spins its lies and misinformation. 

Thus the poisoning will continue until it can no longer be denied and by then it will be too late to stop the illnesses and early deaths.
Lies. Misinformation. Propaganda. Denial. Sickness. Death.

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  1. Exactly, denial. And too many other problems, caused by the death of easy money.


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