Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fukushima Steaming Away This Morning

Steam is visible and is erupting from under the tent covering unit 1 and to the right of unit 4 at 11:30 23:19

No wonder radiation levels in Japan and the US are worsening.

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  1. Great Source of Info on Energy to melt concrete

    Also keep in mind that steel melts around 2500 deg F, Corium fissions at around 5000 deg F “Blob temperature”. The cute little “blob” that TEPCO showed in their recent drawing of a Corium out of the box was deceptive in size, the real mass of the Corium will be !!!! 200 TONS !!!! of fissioning, poisonous, super hot hell on earth. Y’all TEPCO boyz got a 200 ton blob of stuff and you can’t tell me where it is?


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