Sunday, November 20, 2011

CME May be Partially Earth Directed--More Fukushima Spallation?

The Watchers has the story on the solar coronal mass ejection and a brief but fascinating video clip

Potrblog suggested that a recent CME directed at Venus that produced a glancing blow on Earth (Oct 24) was capable of creating "spallation" of the alpha particles in our atmosphere from Fukushima. Spallation results when ionizing radiation from space (including from the sun) interact with the nuclei of atoms on earth, resulting in the production of secondary radiation.

They stand by their analysis and claim that the Iodine-131 released by the Hungarian plant, while significant, does not explain the range and dispersion of radionuclides found over western and eastern Europe.

Let us hope that the glancing blow from the latest CME doesn't produce more secondary radiation. We've enough to deal with presently...

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