Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Analysis of the Japanese Government's Report of Radiation Contamination


This analysis by the blog Survival Japan addresses many of the inconsistencies and probable falsehoods in the Japanese Government's official assessment of radiation contamination. A must read article.

I agree that people in Japan are probably better off reading the SafeCast analysis, conducted independently by Japanese citizens

Meanwhile, radiation levels continue to be very elevated in the US as evidenced by private readings and by those EPA sites still reporting (some sites censor peaks and other sites are clearly tampering with data as evidenced by strange patterns not consistent with others in region).

It it time for US and Canadian citizens to start creating their own radiation maps in areas believed to be hard hit as a result of jet stream dynamics and precipitation patterns.

Levels hit 500CPM today in Phoenix. I had problems with my asthma again and both my son and I got headaches. Could this level of radiation, after months of low level exposure, be causing these symptoms?
The correlation exists between my asthma and the EPA levels for my area, but is it causal? 

I don't know, but I am terrified that the answer might be affirmative.

How long can this go on? 

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