Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Farther Down the Rabbit Hole

Fukushima Diary blogger is reporting that he has been questioned by authorities. He feels that he is being framed as a criminal. We may need to start a letter writing campaign. I am going to contact our local chapter of Amnesty International.

Meanwhile, in other news, Arnie Gunderson states that the Cascades in Washington State may be as contaminated as some areas in northern Japan.

I see a not-so-distant future wherein many people are ill and wasted. It is a post-apocalyptic society in which no one ever acknowledged the apocalypse...

We will suffer because of our collective delusion--a delusion rigidly maintained by our corporations and our governments.

Sadly, the delusion is willingly embraced by compliant populations. 

Have we lost the collective will to live or is our societal myopia a function of our evolutionary-derived and media-fed, short attention span? 

Farther down the rabbit hole is a place of no return... Are we there yet?

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