Friday, April 8, 2011

What Have We Done????

Mad Max comes to life with Fukushima as documented in this amazing 12 minute youtube video taken by 2 people who venture into the contaminated exclusion zone

California produce, rainwater, topsoil, and milk all contaminated with low levels of radiation

Arnie Gunderson a nuclear engineer of Fairewinds Associations and Washington's Blog, an online analyst, examine the ongoing cover-up of the scope and severity of the Fukushima disaster

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  1. As TEPCO and all the private nuke plants are owned by TPTB, they do not want info released to damage perceptions.

    It is time to organize behind those who might see Ron Paul as an option?

    The intricate nominee holdings of the 7 sisters et al may mean that the old trusts are again operative?


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