Saturday, April 9, 2011

EPA Finds Iodine Radiation in Phoenix Milk

The level found of I-131 in Phoenix milk was 3.2 Litre (pCi/L).

This level exceeds the federal limit for I-131 in drinking water
, at least as reported by Business Insider at 3 pCi/L

Information on other forms of radiation that might also be present was not available.

A website linked below that interprets the contamination data found and published by the UC Berkeley nuclear engineering lab found a high of 5.9 pCi/L which they translated into a 0.011 mRem dose for an infant

Keep in mind that the effects of radiation from internal emitters is very different from the external exposure of having an XRay or flying in an airplane
. I would be concerned about giving milk to small children if elevated levels of radiation continue to contaminate our milk. The

Physicians for Social Responsibility have clearly stated that there is no level fo safe exposure for radiation, particularly when consumed and particularly for children


  1. I presume that the Physicians for Social Responsibility tell parents never to feed their children bananas. If not, then they knowingly agree that children can regularly consume radioactive substances without any harm.

    For those few who read this blog to learn more about what is happening at Fukushima, here is an excellent source from Dr Barry Brook, prominent Australian Climatologist

    To learn more about radiation in your daily life, this chart is an excellent start -

  2. Why did you avoid telling your readers that the EPA Milk Sampling results are preceded by the following statement:


    The milk sampling results are far below the Food and Drug Administration's Derived Intervention Level for iodine-131 in milk. These types of findings are to be expected in the coming days and are far below levels of public health concern, including for infants and children. Iodine-131 has a very short half-life of approximately eight days, and the level detected in milk and milk products is therefore expected to drop relatively quickly.

  3. As I understand it the radiation in a banana comes from potassium

    The radiation found recently in milk is Iodine-131.

    I did not relate the EPA safety advisory posted by Roger because I've recently been advised not to trust the EPA by EPA insiders:

    The EPA has lost credibility after advising that the air around the twin towers after 9-11 was "safe" and that Gulf seafood was "safe to eat" after the BP oil spill.

    People must make their own decisions. Continued consumption of contaminated milk is dangerous.

    The Fukushima disaster is NOT stable and elevated releases of radiation are likely to continue for some length of time.


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