Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Letter to the EPA on Fukushima Radiation

Dear Ms. Jackson

As an educated person and a mother I am outraged that the EPA is responding to the Fukushima crisis with an increase in the allowable level of radiation in our food.

I am outraged that our schools are not being instructed to keep kids inside on days with very high radiation from Fukushima. Levels reached in Phoenix have repeatedly exceeded levels considered "safe" when annualized.

Fukushima is going to continue releasing radiation for some time. How many months will it be before the EPA takes action to protect our most vulnerable citizens?

A PLAN must be put in place that instructs schools on how to deal with ongoing radiation. Days with high spikes should be treated like rainy day schedules with the kids kept inside.

Continued levels of contamination in milk should lead the EPA to warn expectant mothers and parents of small children.

After the handling of the BP Gulf corexit debacle, I have come to expect the EPA to place industry profit over human health. The EPA has made a mockery of its charge.

Now is the time for the EPA to redeem itself and to act in accord with its mission to protect human health from the future cancer, birth defects, and immunological problems caused by extended exposure to ionizing radiation. Let us not kid ourselves. This problem is ongoing with no easy resolution....

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