Thursday, April 7, 2011

Arnie Gunderson: Lies and Censorship of the Scope of Concerns About Fukushima

Arnie Gunderson's latest video, expressing concern that TEPCO has been equivocating and/or outright lying.

Same goes for the NRC and a report produced by the French nuclear energy agency AREVA.

Gunderson says that the NRC privately fears the building's weight might be a problem in an earthquake, leading to re-criticality.

The NRC also fears buildup of hydrogen again, leading to another explosion

Additionally, Gunderson says the NRC is concerned about plutonium ejected several miles from reactor.

Gunderson claims the AREVA report has fallacies in it but the main take away point is that the person who presented the report finds this to be one of the greatest disasters in modern time

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