Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Was Unit #3 Explosion Nuclear?

I posted this question earlier. Last week blogger Ex-SKF, translating a Japanese news report, suggested that unit #3's explosion was not a hydrogen explosion.

This week Dr. Chris Busby also raised this question.

Today enews has a post considering this possibility.

One of the comments recommends this 3 minute video at youtube that compares the explosions at the plant and considers the evidence of a nuclear explosion. I think the video is a must watch.

Now Arnie Gunderson weighs in on the debate, suggesting criticality occurred in spent fuel pool #3
Does it matter now? I am not sure how much it matters now but I will read more to find out the fallout implications.

I do know that it probably mattered A LOT in March for the people in Japan and the US west coast who were subject to radioactive fallout.

Further, if the explosion was in fact nuclear we have further reason to doubt the pronouncements of TEPCO, the Japanese government, and our political and regulatory authorities.

This disaster is not over yet so don't let disaster fatigue distract you. We must pay attention and demand our voices be heard. I've already called state officials and my school district demanding to know what plans are in place to protect our kids from fallout.

I think we all need to follow Gunderson's urging and call our Congressional representatives and demand that no new licenses be given for new nuclear power plants and demand that old plants be thoroughly reviewed before having their licenses extended.

Do you realize that spent fuel rods must be continuously cooled for up to 5 years before they can be stored somewhere (where is still not clear)? What happens if electricity is interrupted for any length of time for the nuclear plants we have?

Holy @#$%% we could have fuel rods burning all over the country...

Nuclear power is more dangerous than I ever understood or could imagine.

It could be the death of us all....

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