Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dr Helen Caldicott on Scope and Severity of Fukushima

Helen Caldicott explains scope and severity of Fukushima situation

There have been 3 hydrogen explosions

2 cooling pools are dry and burning because the casing for pellets burns when exposed to air

Each cooling pool has 10 to 20 times as much radiation as in the reactors

In each reactor core is 1000 times as much long lived radiation as produced by the Hiroshima bomb

1 millionth of gram of Plutonium will give you cancer if inhaled

There are 250 kilograms of Plutonium in each reactor (only 2.5 kilograms needed to make a bomb)

Plutonium is escaping into the atmosphere
MAJIA HERE: THIS UPDATE FROM The Low Level Radiation Campaign
"Elevated levels of Uranium have been found in air samplers (filters) operated by US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the north Pacific. Recent data for the Mariana Islands (2800 km south of Fukushima) Hawaii, California and Seattle have been found in the RADNET EPA website.
The graph left has been created from the very limited data provided. It shows that uranium (and probably also therefore plutonium) particles have been or are being released by the Fukushima catastrophe..."

MAJIA: I did find the EPA sample results and saved them so I can confirm that uranium was found. I cannot speak to its concentration or risks, although Caldicott speaks to those...

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