Monday, March 18, 2019

Nuclear Plants and Rising Rivers

Hat Tip: TS

The latest news is flooding in the Midwest as levees are  breached in Iowa and Nebraska:  Homes flood as Missouri River overtops, breaches levees in Iowa and Nebraska

However, reports indicate that the Cooper Nuclear Plant still hasn't shut down because it projects the river will remain below 91.5 feet: the plant's official "cut off" level:  Cooper Nuclear Station threatened, but not shut down as Missouri River floods southeast Nebraska, northwest Missouri


Almost 2 years ago we moved into a house next to a wash that can become a raging river in minutes.

It is unbelievable how rain elsewhere can cause flash flooding miles away.

It is also amazing how the topography of the land is revealed by the idiosyncrasies of precipitation. Rain in one area causes a particular set of washes to run.

Washes running through the same terrain may vary substantially with some dry and some raging, their variability explained by their origins in divergent highlands.

My point is that I think its hard to predict with absolute precision how rivers will rise, particularly with ongoing precipitation.

Would it not be advisable to adopt a precautionary approach?

What happens when the Missouri reaches 91.5 feet at Cooper nuclear plant. Are back-up generators flooded at 91.5 feet? Are spent fuel pools at risk of flooding?

If these things happen when the river reaches 91.5 feet, then perhaps the plant ought to be shut down at 90 feet.

How transparent are these risk decisions? Did the public get to participate in them?

What plans are in place for evacuations should the plant have problems during flooding, leading to emissions?



    They had a first ever inland winter hurricane this year in the western US

    1. Excellent YouTube about cooper point. Remember how bad it was in 2011? Backup generators flooded. Its a Mark 4 reactor like fukushima.
      Now that Trump Turd has deregulated Nuclear Reactors it will never close till it blows up. Maybe sooner than thought

    2. Many of us were threatened with violence and bullied on enenews. Threatened by some of the same people on the internet, that to this day call for tribunals and executing people that disagree with them as they did on enenews in the last few months of its existence.
      How utopian is that?

      People like nadesan have selective memories and interpretations I guess..

      But maybe in her mind that's ok. If that is true I can only ask myself what a sick hippocrit she and her ilk are. This will be censored too.
      The trumptrolls and psyops on enenews would have completely censored someone like Dr caldicott, because she is not a climate denier and because she would not be afraid to call out their overt racism and support trumps overt racism and pronuclear authoritarianism(that they lie about). That's what enenews was for the last 2 years of its existence.
      By 2013 enenews was full of Neonazis, flat earthers , and racists .

      What an amazing place, nadesan says ! Arclight was good .

      The people who really cared like Dr. Busby, Dr caldicott, Gunther, arnie, Hunziker, st. Clair, joy, nuke free, Ralph, could have done just fine without enenews .

      They would have done better if self serving nuts like durnford, Neonazis, trumptroll patriot racist-preppers , Art Robinson-altscience Hormesis disinformation agents agents that sprung from that awful maw of god knows where that infested that wonderful utopian Cyberland. May we could have gotten some solid footing to close down multiple reactors, end the nuclear warmonging, having some sustainability if the maw had not exited and it's denizens did not continue to hate , to push lies and insanity, to cheer the death and destruction. Hell Robert Mercer and the stock think a nuclear war would be good. The code says tritium is hermetic and nuclear waste isn't so bad. Pia Jensen cheers war mining and tweets for America invading Venezuela and Bolivia. What a great thing enenews was

    3. There were the ones pushing Art Robinson Hormesis narratives till the end. How utopian is that? But I guess in her mind that's ok. What a sick hippocrit she is. This will be censored too.
      Enenews did nothing. Actually it did a lot, it distracted from important antinuclear issues.  Nuclear reactors are almost completely unregulated now. The world is more dangerous than ever. Japan opened dangerous reactors, instead of keeping them closed. Japan is a right-wing police state, where the government there is planning on becoming a nuclear power. Where you can go to jail for talking about fukushima
        The trumptrolls got the most pronuclear power, pronuclear weapon presidents in history elected.  The republicans just gave 3.7 billion to keep Vogtle opened, from money that could be used for renewables. Are you proud of that Professor Nadesan?
      1. Trump is completely fitting back on funding th Hanford cleanup

      2. Trump and his family are intent on nuclear proliferation. And making a profit by selling nuclear reactor to Saudi arabia. Reactors that can be used to make materials for nuclear bombs. Even Obama back-off on that

      3. Trump has abrogated the INF treaty instigatinganother nuclear arms race and allowing him to develop small tactical nuclear weapons. He has also broken the Iraq agreement perhaps ensuring more nuclear proliferation in the Midwest.
      4. He purposely blew the Korean talks
      5. 3.7 billion to Bottle is part Trumps pledge to revitalize Nuclear Energy in America while selling nuclear energy to Saudi Arabia

      6. Trump has promised to “revive and expand [the US] nuclear energy sector.”  he is intent on selling Nuclear Power to Saudi Arabia. A US sale would make millions for associates of the president.

      This includes re categorizing hi level waste like that as Hanford as low level and deregulating oversight of nuclear power plants so that old ones in fault and hurricane zones like fukushima and those in florida can be kept open. You wrote something about that yourself nadesan.


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