Saturday, March 16, 2019

Japanese Government Absolved of Legal Responsibility for Fukushima Daiichi Disaster

Court Absolves Government of Blame in Nuclear Disaster. The Asahi Shimbun,
While the presiding judge ordered TEPCO to pay compensation to nine plaintiffs from four households, it denied the central government’s responsibility. “We can’t say that it is illegal that the central government didn’t force TEPCO to take preventive measures against a tsunami,” the judge said.
This court is essentially stating that the government has NO RESPONSIBILITY for safety regulation of dangerous industries.

At least, that is what it sounds like to me....

If governments aren't responsible and accountable for regulating dangerous industries, then there is really no hope for our survival.



  1. They aren't responsible when it comes to Nuclear in America. That is why the Price-Anderson act exists. That is why they are allowed to put the High level Nuclear waste, AMERICIUM in cheap Smoke detectors, in Murica, to show reduce the amount of high level nuclear waste,
    around reactors.

    Art Robinson's, the pronuclear Republican Politician, from Oregon, wants to dump radioactive waste from airplanes on cities and, rural areas to vaccinate people against Radiation as a form of Hormesis

    Art Robinson and the Mercers alt science

    ATomic Rod Adams
    Wants to
    Use small plutonium reactors to power Automobile engines

    Donald Trump will consider having zero regulation of the nuclear industry, and going along with these genocidal propositions.

    Then Art Robinson will market home-Infusions of Radiopharmaceutical solutions made of Cesium 137 and other nuclear waste FOR HORMESIS.

    THE radiopharmaceutical home-infusion bags and needles will be delivered right to your door for 200 dollars a bag.
    You can home-infuse the small plastic if bagof glowing-radiopharmaceutical preparation directly into your arm. It will give you Hormesis against radiation. Then you can throw the if needle, the iv needle, and iv line right in the garbage, to go to the landfill.
    Kills two birds with the same stone! Reduces nuclear waste buildup, around reactors and relieves people from worries about the radiation problem! It is also highly profitable, which is the most important aspect of such a scheme, from a libertarian and republican point of view.

  2. "If governments aren't responsible and accountable for regulating dangerous industries, then there is really no hope for our survival."

    Government agencies are now lapdogs to the corporations. They want us around just long enough to bleed us dry of all our assets before they kill us off with their poisons.

    It's up to us. How we can get there I can't say. Either push back or drop out. Let me know when the people get past their political and religious differences to face our common enemy instead of being led towards another civil war where we turn upon each other.

  3. Well the German Greens, the Spanish greens and the Austrian greens. have ended nuclear power in their countries, in case you have not noticed. There is religious and political diversity in those countries. The Australian greens and New Zealand greens, never let nuclear power, into those countries. Greens don't push mandatory vaccinations. They are few but they are powerful, in those countries.
    The naysayers , the lazy whiners, and the crackpots lay back and, say it cannot be done, or work against them, or foment civl war bullshit and racist bullshit.


      The Plasic Garbage, that is made from fracked Fossil fuel goes to recycling centers. Billions of gallons of fossil fuel are used, to ship the plastic garbage across the Pacific to languish or burn and not be recycled. How bloody stupid is that!
      The plastic goes into rivers in Malaysia and, then goes into the ocean to add to the continent sized island of plastic, in the Pacific. What a scam. So wasteful.

      America is a crudhole. Think of all the fossil fuel, and goddamed chemical waste, it takes to make the plastic shit. Then they haul that used plastic garbage all the way across the Pacific Ocean.
      Think of All the fracked fossil fuel and nuclear energy, gas, coal : it takes to make the plastic . The other chemicals and chemical waste pollution. What a wasteful, unsustainable crudhole society this is. Uses and burns , quadrillion of gallons of fossil fuel yearly. People, life and the earth completely expendible.
      A jerk like Art Robertson supports this . He completely supports Nuclear Energy.
      Art Robinson supports dumping nuclear waste from the sky, on all of us , to vaccinate us from Radiation. It is called Hormosis. Art Robertson is the father of So called altscience and a racist jerk

      Art Robinson is funded by trump. HE IS A SYMBOL OF THE GREAT WHITE HOPE!
      HE Won't hold back on TELLING YA WHAT A bloody GENIUS HE IS . Brags about His Nuclear Engineer kids.
      ART ROBINSON is one of the reasons Trump fired all the real scientists from the national weather service . My National Wether Service reads that it is 63 and sunny here, when it is 43 and cold and rainy.

      Unbeleivabe, how stupid, hippocritical shallow and evil Americans are as they send amass troops in the Carribean to invade Bolivia and Venezuela .

      Art Robinson is funded by Rebecca and Robert Mercer, who fund Trump. They founded Cambridge Analytics.
      Robert Mercer runs a high speed stock-trading hedge fund on wall street. Survival of the creepiest and most psychopathic. They fund brietbart.
      They got Bannon the Fascist scum going who campaignsfor fascist and nuclear power around the world. Briebart racist Nazi creep. Ban on and Trump put Bolsanro into, who is burning the Amazon down building 10 nuclear reactors in has nuclear reactors wants a nuclear accord with trump to have nuclear weapons. It does not get any more insane than this folks. Trump is trying to nuclear arm said I Arabia who did 911. To build 24 nuclear reactors in Saudi Arabia that Jared Kushner, Donald trumps, son in law will get kickbacks for.
      100 racist mass shootings in America. 49 people murdered in new Zealand by a bastard that was encouraged by trump and trump has given no substantive apology to the people of new Zealand.

  4. Cooper Nuclear Power Plant on the Missouri in Nebraska facing flood conditions. Another case of placing a plant too low based on some sort of faith in historic information . . . but failing to realize that nothing ever remains the same through time. Missouri already at flood level and said to reach highest point on Tuesday. No one likes to think too much about the fact that our records are limited regarding river behavior.

  5. Very dangerous there. It happened a few years back. Bad situation. Think a backup generator got flooded

    1. Wish they would start shutting down these things, here. Especially the old ones and ones in hurricane, flood, eq areas
      The way they are stacking up hi level waste outside is insane. Something will happen soon Americans are the stupidest people on earth. Allow their crooked politicians to kill them and war monger

  6. Welcome to the Era of Cultural Communism!

    I wonder what the actual EU attitude towards the nuclear is? This is an incisive presentation out of Holland.

    1. This has nothing to do with the topic. The topic is TEPCO and Japanese absolution for Nuclear Regulation and safety. The troll is here to degrade this site with hate talk and spam. This is spam of the worst sort. A rehash of hateful talking points From Foxnews and neonazi-whitenationalism
      This is what the troll usually gets to when this blog gets into a substantive discussion about nuclear

      It also threatens freedom of speech to sik rightwing fascist tactics on teachers by recording them and putting them on the web to be threatened with violence by their brownshirts and minions

      Using Big Brother tactics and Right wing Gestapo tactics to put professors like Nadesan on a national extremist and violent watch list.

      It inevitibly trolls this site when substantive talk about government culpability for nuclear crimes, to its people in fukushima and elsewhere are going on.

    2. We all know The neonazis the troll represents are not only racist they are pronuclear and globalist that's why they support trump. The centrists in the EU are pronuclear too.
      What is cultural communism? It is a racist catchphrase for hating anyone who is not white.

    3. Jeffrey Kaye
      “Alan wanted to film homeless & poor people on the streets. I saw 3 people sleeping rough just this morning in London, but in Venezuela, we couldn’t find any, in big cities or towns.... It is because of multi disciplinary programmes run by the government”

      On the Ground in Venezuela vs. the Media Spectacle

    4. So much for Brother Trumps and Brother BANNONS detachment from the deep state. Sounds like they were up to there necks with the CIA all along.

      Just like the BS of any of them giving a darned about nuclear, as Bolsonaro plans on building 10 nuclear reactors in Brazil and getting more nuclear submarines. As trumps soninlaw, Jared Kershner, sells 24 nuclear reactors to Saudi Arabia and gets kickbacks. As trump plans to nuclear arm, saudi Arabia, the perpetrators of 911. As trump abrogates the INF and builds tactical nuclear weapons

    5. For a first strike. Jared Kushner and Ivanka sorry

    6. Sounds familiar.
      Like Nuclear Power
      like Art Robinson

      Like everything Donald Trump has ever done or said

      This is what it's really all about.
      It is not about shooting down asteroids. It is about putting nuclear bombs in space to further threaten the shot out of everyone on earth. Laser beams that can destroy global satellite systems. Which is not all bad really but, it could set off nuclear reactors and lead to nuclear war. This is what Trump, the neocons, the evil-monkey generals is really all about

      MARCH 20, 2019
      Countdown to “Full Spectrum Dominance”
      by T.J. COLES

      The US is formally committed to dominating the world by the year 2020. With President Trump’s new Space Directive-4, the production of laser-armed fighter jets as possible precursors to space weapons, and the possibility of nuclear warheads being put into orbit, the clock is ticking…

      Back in 1997, the now-re-established US Space Command announced its commitment to “full spectrum dominance.” The Vision for 2020 explains that “full spectrum dominance” means military control over land, sea, air, and space (the so-called fourth dimension of warfare) “to protect US interests and investment.” “Protect” means guarantee operational freedom. “US interest and investment” means corporate profits.

      The glossy brochure explains that, in the past, the Army evolved to protect US settlers who stole land from Native Americans in the genocidal birth of the nation. Like the Vision for 2020, a report by the National Defense University acknowledges that by the 19th century, the Navy had evolved to protect the US’s newly-formulated “grand strategy.” In addition to supposedly protecting citizens and the constitution, “The overriding principle was, and remains, the protection of American territory … and our economic well-being.” By the 20th century, the Air Force had been established, in the words of the Air Force Study Strategy Guide, to protect “vital interests,” including: “commerce; secure energy supplies; [and] freedom of action.” In the 21stcentury, these pillars of power are bolstered by the Cyber Command and the coming Space Force.

    8. The use of the Army, Navy, and Air Force—the three dimensions of power—means that the US is already close to achieving “full spectrum dominance.” Brown University’s Cost of War project documents current US military involvement in 80 countries—or 40% of the world’s nations. This includes 65 so-called counterterrorism training operations and 40 military bases (though others think the number of bases is much higher). By this measure, “full spectrum dominance” is nearly half way complete. But the map leaves out US and NATO bases, training programs, and operations in Estonia, Latvia, Poland, and Ukraine.

      As the US expands its space operations—the fourth dimension of warfare—the race towards “full spectrum dominance” quickens. Space has long been militarized in the sense that the US uses satellites to guide missiles and aircraft. But the new doctrine seeks to weaponize space by, for instance, blurring the boundaries between high-altitude military aircraft and space itself. Today’s space power will be harnessed by the US to ensure dominance over the satellite infrastructure that allows for the modern world of internet, e-commerce, GPS, telecommunications, surveillance, and war-fighting.

      Since the 1950s, the United Nations has introduced various treaties to prohibit the militarization and weaponization of space—the most famous being the Outer Space Treaty (1967). These treaties aim to preserve space as a commons for all humanity. The creation of the US Space Force is a blatant violation of the spirit, if not the letter, of those treaties. In more recent decades, successive US governments have unilaterally rejected treaties to reinforce and expand the existing space-for-peace agreements. In 2002, the US withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (1972), allowing it to expand its long-range missile systems. In 2008, China and Russia submitted to the UN Conference on Disarmament the proposed Treaty on the Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space, the Threat or Use of Force Against Outer Space Objects. This would have preserved the space-as-a-commons principle and answered US claims that “enemies” would use space as a battleground against US satellites.

    9. But peace is not the goal. The goal is “full spectrum dominance,” so the US rejected the offer. China and Russia introduced the proposed the treaty again in 2014—and again the US rejected it. Earlier this year, the US withdrew from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty. Last month, President Trump sent an unclassified memo on the new Space Directive-4 to the Vice President, Joint Chiefs of Staff, NASA, and the Secretaries of Defense and State.

      The document makes for chilling and vital reading. It recommends legislating for the training of US forces “to ensure unfettered access to, and freedom to operate in, space, and to provide vital capabilities to joint and coalition forces.” Crucially, this doctrine includes “peacetime and across the spectrum of conflict.” As well as integrating space forces with the intelligence community, the memo recommends establishing a Chief of Staff of the Space Force, who will to join the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The memo also says that US space operations will abide by “international law.” But given that the US has rejected anti-space weapons treaties, it is barely constrained by international law.

      In late-2017, reported on a $26.3m Department of Defense contract with Lockheed Martin to build lasers for fighter jets under the Laser Advancements for Next-generation Compact Environments program. The report says that the lasers will be ready by 2021. The article links to Doug Graham, the Vice President of Missile Systems and Advanced Programs at Lockheed Martin Space Systems. In the original link Graham reveals that the Air Force laser “is an example of how Lockheed Martin is using a variety of innovative technologies to transform laser devices into integrated weapon systems.”

      As if all this wasn’t bad enough, the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) states in a projection out to the year 2050: “Economies are becoming increasingly dependent upon space-based systems … By 2050, space-based weapon systems may also be deployed, which could include nuclear weapons.” But this is extremely reckless. Discussing technologies, including the artificial intelligence on which weapons systems are increasingly based, another MoD projection warns of “the potential for disastrous outcomes, planned and unplanned … Various doomsday scenarios arising in relation to these and other areas of development present the possibility of catastrophic impacts, ultimately including the end of the world, or at least of humanity.”

      “Full spectrum dominance” is not only a danger to the world, it is a danger to US citizens who would also suffer the consequences, if and when something goes wrong with their leaders’ complicated space weapons.

    10. Gosh looks like Art was heavily involved w Cambridge Analytica. Robert Mercer likes the idea of spreading nuclear waste over people in America with an airplane and putting it in all the drinking water


      Mercer has a bunker. Thinks we will survive a nuclear war. Nuclear reactor accidents and explosions do not bother him

      Boing Boing

      Cambridge Analytica became a US powerhouse thanks Mercer's laundered money and a judas goat named John Bolton

      Cory Doctorow
      12 months ago

      After interviewing Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie and other CA sources and reviewing leaked documents, the Washington Post has pieced together the story of how the dirty-tricking electioneers worked their way Republican political circles, as billionaire founder Robert Mercer opened doors for them with other notorious GOP billionaire backers, with an able assist from newly minted national security adviser John Bolton, a notorious war-criminal with close ties to terrorist groups like MEK.

      The docs reveal how Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix tried to impress billionaires like Sheldon Adelson by building dossiers on them to impress them with the power of his surveillance apparatus (in one memo, Nix exhorts his staff, "Can we pull a LOAD of data on them????") (the quadruple question-mark, or "toff's interrogative," is taught only to the top-performing Etonians).

      In the end, they did not present Adelson with their dossier on his personality flaws and vulnerabilities.

      Cambridge Analytica's path to Republican glory started with Steve Bannon's brokering of an investment by Robert Mercer. With help from these GOP insiders, they were able to sign the John Bolton Super PAC as a customer, billing them for $1.1 million for "research" -- howtos for microtargeting potential voters using Facebook. The proposed that Bolton could trick people into exposing their friends' personal data by enticing them to take a personality quiz. Bolton's PAC is a laundry for Mercer money.

      From there, CA received large paydays from Art Robinson, a Mercer-backed GOP candidate in Oregon, Colorado anti-abortion extremists Centennial Coalition, and For America, another Mercer front.

      The John Bolton Super PAC, led by the former diplomat and foreign policy hard-liner, paid Cambridge Analytica more than $1.1 million in the 2014 and 2016 cycles for research, according to Federal Election Commission filings. Mercer has been the largest donor to Bolton’s super PAC, giving $5 million since the 2014 cycle, according to FEC records.

      Part of the work that Cambridge Analytica performed for Bolton’s super PAC was psychographic voter targeting, which the company claimed could profile voters on the basis of certain characteristics. The predictive microtargeting was based in part on data gleaned from Facebook profiles and other sources, according to documents and former Cambridge Analytica employees.
      How Cambridge Analytica broke into the U.S. political market through Mercer-allied conservative groups [Michelle Ye Hee Lee and Craig Timberg/Washington Post]

      (via Naked Capitalism)



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