Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Moral Hazard in the Making: "Prosecuting Bankers Proves Tough Task"

I'm not a big fan of "punishment" as a paradigm for changing behavior but there must be transparency, culpability, and accountability in making sense of the causes, consequences, and prevention of catastrophic crises, such as the 2007-1008 financial crisis.

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal reported that prosecuting bankers has been tough:
Viswanatha, Aruna (2019, March 4). Prosecuting Bankers Proves Tough Task. The Wall Street Journal, pp. B1, B6.

The article investigates "whether individuals can be held to account for activity involving an entire bank." This is an important question and of course due process is critical to distinguish those who pursued fraud and deception as an active strategy and those who merely carried out orders, although they too may share a level of moral culpability.

I think the problem is that the evidence usually involves low-level players and so the decision-makers behind a lot of unscrupulous behavior are ignored or are simply not examined critically because of lack of evidence.

The effect is moral hazard, where those making bad decisions are absolved of the consequences.


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  2. You are too kind, Majia. Personally, I agree with the results of the Nuremburg Trials on this matter.

    Those who run the show do so because of their brain-washed minions who serve their will.

    On the other hand, the conditioned mind always has a chance of waking up (I am but one example). What chance do we have of changing the minds of the psychopaths that rule them?

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