Friday, March 15, 2019

Amazon Pulls Books on Autism

Autism is emerging as the slippery slope for testing increased censorship of online content:
Hsu, Tiffany (2019, March 13). Amazon Pulls 2 Books That Promote Unscientific Autism ‘Cures.’ The New York Times
Amazon has removed the online listings for two books that claim to contain cures for autism, a move that follows recent efforts by several social media sites to limit the availability of anti-vaccination and other pseudoscientific material.The books, “Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism” and “Fight Autism and Win,” which had previously been listed for sale in Amazon’s marketplace, were not available on Wednesday.
I strongly disagree that the solution for this crisis in confidence in US health care and government is censorship.

Censorship doesn't work.

Launch the vaccine safety committee proposed by Trump --  Include R. Kennedy Jr and a wide array of stakeholders, including the most vehement critics of vaccination, as well as industry representatives. 

Develop and promote risk communication on the benefits of vaccination, but don't pretend that vaccines have no risks.

Each vaccine should periodically be re-evaluated for safety, as should all medical devices and pharmaceuticals. 

Vaccines have proven benefits as a medical technology but that doesn't mean that all vaccines are safe for all people, at all times of life.

Shutting down conversation about autism risks and non-traditional treatments is going to produce moral hazard and will ultimately amplify the larger crisis in confidence over US health care and medical governance.



  1. The connection of radionuclides and radiation to autism is completely censored. No studies are carried out or even allowed. That is like many things, to do with nuclear. Such accepted, enforced norms and behavior, goes beyond censorship. It is political suppression.

    If u bring the completely reasonable connection, up to many antinukes, or an antivax health nut, of mutagens and radiation, they will tell u , u are crazy,

    " Ha ha radiation has a connection to autism? why that's the dumbest thing I have ever heard"

    It is like the fukushima freeze I used to get from people when i brought up Fukushima.

    That is how stupid and, brainwashed most people are.

    There is a definitive, logical mechanism of action that would explain mutagenic induced autism. No such mechanism exists for vaccination and autism yet, is is the talk of the time. It preoccupies every, so-called alternate publication on the internet and popular books.

    Antivax is used as an associated alt-right political meme for Trump supporters even though, you know trump and republicans are whole heartedly supportive of big pharmaceutical companies.

    Republicans and people like trump get major donations from monster pharmaceutical companies and affiliated industries. People like that, have large amounts of money investments in pharmaceutical corporations. They are vested in private Medical Insurance companies, that profit yugely from vaccines
    Amazon is a creepy tax-dodging mega-retailer that pollutes the earth and encourages people, to mindlessly shop. Just boycot them, instead of sensationalizing them. It shows how mindless and superficial commentary, even in socalled alternative sources has grown.

    It never ceases to amaze me, that these people will make sure their pets get vaccines. They always get their puppies and kittens vaccinations and ivermectin because they nkow their kitty will die from kitty leukemia or their dog from heart worms if they don't do something. These same people are up in arms about vaccines in people .

    They seem to go into brain freeze about the nuclear waste everywhere. The nuclear reactors around them, spewing radioactive shit into the environment.
    They are up in arms about pesticides yet they spend 20 bucks a month on the latest neonicotinoids, that are killing all the bees, as an antiflea-treatment for their pets.

    1. If vaccines are safe, why censor information that would argue otherwise? As far as animals go, they are euthanized by the thousands every day for not having an owner. How do you know that they won’t do the same for those of us who refuse to have an owner also?

      Thanks to the corporate controlled politicians, we are poisoned by our air, water and food. But now I should trust them with vaccinations?

    2. I wish people in this society lived more sustainably. I do not agree with a lot of vaccines. The dishonest fox propagandists have turned vaccination into a strident conservative, political cause, while they make sure their children are vaccinated adequately send them to the best private schools, the best universities. Republicans, libertarians conservatives-heavily invest in Large pharmaceutical companies, heavily invest In private insurance companies that make money off vaccinations, while ruining any real access to health care by most Americans. Such hippocracy!!

      Why are you so obsessed about vaccines and, why do you promote skewed hyperbolic memes about vaccines like that the cause autism and aids when RADIONUCLIDEs so cause autism and genetic disease and cancer.
      Why aren't you out doing everything u can to close down nuclear reactors and keep nuclear waste out of yur community, state, and the USA?
      What does anuimals getting euthanized have anything To do with people like u and others vaccinating the pets to make em live longer from heart worms from mosquitos.from super contagious viruses and bacteria.
      From parasites. I don't even have any pets.

      I know that dogs in places like Chernobyl, fukushima, kid Alamos new Mexico only live to be about 3 to 5 years old from all the radionuclides in the environment that weaken their immune systems and bodies in those contaminated areas.
      Want a stupid and irrational nonsequitor "Ill vaccinate pets because thousand of pets are euthanized daily" then I will fight like hell to make sure humans get no immunizations and blame everything from AIDs to autism on vaccines when radionuclides are a logical source of genetic mutagenesis, that leads to genetic diseases like autism.

    3. Why do people spend billions on neonicotinoids to kill fleas on their pets while long-actin neonicotinoids are killing off large bee populations. Such hippocracy and cognitive dissonance. It is no wonder we are allowing ourselves to be ruined and poisoned to death by the flood of radionuclides in our environment from nuclear waste, nuclear arms production, nuclear reactors. So dishonest. We are also foisting untold misery and suffering on our children and future generations from the genetic damage caused by nuclear madness

    4. I know Amazon censors, if not absolutely forbids the sale of publication of the few subsantive works on RADIONUCLIDE Toxicology, radiation and autism, radiological cancers, tritium carcinogenesis, RADIONUCLIDE induced chronic illness. This is done like many sites and search engines on the internet try to restrict access to these topics.
      The very fact that the media blames birth defects on zika virus instead of the more obvious causative agents like radionuclides, shows how twisted it is.
      Zikavirus supposedly originated in a heavily uranium contaminated place in Brazil and is supposedly now active in the heavily RADIONUCLIDE contaminated United States of America.
      Using vaccine and Zola virus as red herrings of blaming vaccines instead acknowledging the perfectly logistical role of radionuclides, shows u how far the Nucleoapes, military apes, disinformation agents, internet meme generators will go to distort and obscure information.
      I see really weird things, people like bill gates try to do with vaccines. It is not a black and white issue . it is definitely used as a diversion
      Look at ol bill gates . He wants to flood the world with radionuclides and small modular reactors . He wants have the taxpayers pickup the tab

    5. Vaccinations are not deemed safe in America, by law. They require prescription authority to obtain . Vaccines are considered a legally controlled pharmaceutical preparation like oxycodone.

      Vaccine are the profit-whore of the mega pharmaceutical coorporationa, private insurance companies, and biocompanies in Murica.
      Medical professionals who are exposed to Hepatitis B need a vaccine alternative, to help protect themselves against the horrendous blood born disease of hepatitis B. If u saw many cases of HepB and its consequences. If u had to work around it, u might begin to comprehend why many people are glad there is a hepatitis vaccine available. I have seen people with accidental needle stick without the vaccine get hepatitis B without the vaccine and people with the vaccine not get Hepatitis B after getting stuck with a needle from a known Hepatitis B vector.

      There is not a thing u can do about an over exposure to gamma rays or xays or constantly being exposed to radionuclides and ingesting them in the environment. The things we are doing to ourselves are far more detrimental to anything any commies in n Korea or China might do to us

  2. The gov't push for mandatory vaccinations while censoring personal experiences as well as scientific studies revealing their risks should be troubling to everyone, no matter their thoughts on the subject.

    Those who believe that freedom can exist when the State chooses what you can or cannot put in their own bodies are little more than herd animals now. Why would they not argue over "herd immunity" to justify forcing it on the rest of us?

    1. The corporations and billionaires are the state and deep state. You sound like a Chinese college student sanctimoniously reciting a phrase from maos little red book, in the 60s!
      "The gov't push for mandatory vaccinations while censoring personal experiences as well as scientific studies revealing their risks should be troubling to everyone, no matter their thoughts on the subject.

      Those who believe that freedom can exist when the State chooses what you can or cannot put in their own bodies are little more than herd animals"

      The repuklikan and libertarion overlords are as much behind mandatory vaccinations as The Phramaceutic companies they own and profit from. Just another brainwashed sheep zealously thumping a political meme.

      I don't believe in mandatory vaccines but, don't fool yourself about being manipulated by smoke and mirror crooks who could care less about u or anyone else, while we are being poisoned to death by the dergulated nuclear industries and ongoing nuclear weapon manufacture and military industrial complex profiteering

  3. "I don't believe in mandatory vaccines..."

    Then we really have no argument here.

  4. I agree that there is a potential link between autism and ionizing radiation and I've explored this link at my blog over the years and noted that there was a big spike in kids entering kindergarten diagnosed with autism approximately 5 years after disaster. The thyroid could be involved because there was also an increase in thyroid problems in California infants after Fukushima. But the mechanism that I see as most likely involved is the increase in de novo mutations, which produce an array of problems we have labeled as autism and congenital heart disorder, among other syndromes and conditions.

    1. Its de novo and heritable. So what does that tell you nadesan? Why aren't their any studies on it?

    2. Dr. Andrew Moulden: Vaccine Damage, M.A.S.S. & The Role of Zeta Potential

      Canadian physician Dr. Andrew Moulden MD PhD (Clinical-Experimental Neuropsychology) mysteriously died in November of 2013 aged 49, supposedly by suicide, but many suspect he was murdered. Really interesting article:
      One of three videos:

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    1. Have you thought about redesigning you posts? Fake.
      A real illuminati doesn't engage in such trash as you post.

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