Saturday, May 25, 2013


TBS JNN cam is still down.

The Tepco cam remains up and available here

There is a REASON the TBS cam is down. People in Japan should try and contact TBS JNN and ask that the camera be turned back on.

It is my belief that two phenomena are visible on the TBS cam, which are not as visible on the Tepco cam:

1. The 'gaseous flame' from unit 3 is not as visible on the Tepco cam, although a trail of yellowish emissions can be seen on the Tepco cam from the same location as the 'flame' visible on the TBS cam (see here).

2. The TBS cam's panoramic view allows us to see the major steam releases that are coming from the plant grounds. I believe some of the emissions are coming from sub-criticalities in the heavily contaminated water storage pools. Water is a great moderator. See my discussion here.

Even without the webcams, we can be assured that atmospheric and ocean releases are going to continue unmitigated for the rest of our lifespans.

The only remaining unknown is whether Tepco will lose control of cooling at the site necessary for preventing a nuclear fire, which could result in the loss of cooling control at other plants as well, including Daini and Tokai.

Let us hope that Tepco and the brave Fuksuhima warrior-plant workers are able to prevent an all CONSUMING nuclear fire.