Monday, May 27, 2013

Another Reader's Comment

Bee`May 25, 2013 at 9:56 AM
I discovered Enenews via Washington's blog during the BP Gulf disaster: the image of someone with gaping wounds bleeding in the kitchen while the dinner party chattered on was excruciating - then came the explosions at Daiichi and the image of a demonic infected wound seeping & spewing for eternity... and the stupid dinner party continued! 

I was going quietly crazy at Christmas 2011, when finally in early 2012 Sen. Wyden went to Fukushima and started calling for "an international response" so we mobilized to support his initiative, to no avail...

5/22/13, the policy of dumping contaminated water into the amniotic fluid of all life, the ocean, was quietly adopted (all the earlier press & discussion was just a PR ploy to frame the imminent policy, and anyway: it's been leaking into the Pacific since day one

yes, the inevitable will happen! we don't deserve this gem of a planet, but that will soon be moot point - Cecile Pineda, author of 'Devil's Tango' has paraphrased Einstein: "Repeatedly expecting a sane response from those who are insane is an exercise in madness"

bottomline, for the time that remains: be kind to all living beings

trust is traction, and I trust Peter Dale Scott who ends an important recent essay
"In terms of logical analysis, the likely prospect would seem to be the pessimistic one. But neither humans nor their history are wholly logical....
"So it is from faith, rather than from logic, that I am committed to the optimistic prospect. I do so because of the rewards offered by that truth which, as Gandhi wrote, “is like a birth.”

"And I do so from faith, because, to quote Gandhi yet again, “Just as the body cannot exist without blood, so the soul needs matchless and pure strength of faith.”

and so I'm going out today to tag Monsanto as the evil spawn of the corporate death wish that it is, because I have heard the call: life is sacred and our place in it almost over, so there is no longer any reason or permission to temper the truth with dinner party etiquette

mitakuye oyasin!

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