Sunday, May 5, 2013

Israel's Attack on Syrian Weapons Depot/Lab Vaporized What?

What possible gain can occur from using missiles to attack a weapons' depot/lab?

How many toxins were vaporized and will now circulate in the air and wind?

How many Syrian babies will suffer as a consequence of this aggression?

Indeed, how many Israeli babies will suffer as a consequence of this heedless aggression? Israel risks the health of its own population with such attacks as pollution knows no boundaries.

The horrors of war are visited most directly on our most innocent:

  1. Robert Fisk: The Children of Fallujah - the hospital of horrors ...
    Apr 26, 2012 – Yet another picture flicks onto the screen: date of birth 6 July 2009, ... into "the increased prevalence of birth defects" in Fallujah, a study of four ... So we have a Lancet publication that estimates 600,000 deaths in the war.
  2. Iraq War Crimes: Birth Defects and Miscarriages in Fallujah | Global ...
    Mar 26, 2011 – Increase in time of birth defects and miscarriages in Fallujah since 2003 ... Journals, blocking de factu an already done submission to Lancet.
  3. The Under-Examined Story Of Fallujah: Alarming Rise In Birth ...
    Nov 29, 2011 – Seven years after the U.S. invasion of Fallujah, there are reports of an alarming rise in the rates of birth defects and cancer. But the crisis, and .... Yet the journal Lancet rejected his studies without explanation. Busby believes it ...
  4. Le Monde report on birth defects in Falluja
    Oct 6, 2011 – In Falluja, "monster babies" raise questions over US weapons used in 2004 ... Since then the city has seen a very high number of birth defects - so much ... journal The Lancet, British scientist Christopher Busby goes further.


  1. Majia,
    I posted this on your thread on TBS cam yesterday, but it is so important, I'm going to repost it here, so you don't miss it.

    I need to get confirmation from knoledgeable folks on this.

    I believe this is the piece of information we have been looking for the past 2 years. ?

    Though deep inside I knew it was true, I still wished I was wrong

    Here's the message:

    Just a heads up that I thought you might pass along.

    Take a look at the photos from Tepco where they show how they are going to remove the debris from the top of unit 3.

    Go to this photo linked today on Enenews:

    Take a look at the large photo on the right hand side of the second powerpoint slide. The one titled Photo taken on April 22, 2013.

    Look to the lower left corner of the picture - notice that there is the edge of a large round black hole clearly visible underneath the bridge crane - surprise; surprise;

    it's not a shadow; it's not the top of a concrete containment plug; it's not the top of a reactor; - it's a very deep, empty hole. Nice of them to finally show us. It's visible in the other photos where I've tried to point it out before, but was not very discernible until they removed the debris.

    Not at all of a surprise to me, but this is the first clear photographic proof I've seen.

    Now I'm 100% certain that there was a MOX plutonium shower after the #3 reactor blew 2 years ago. Who got lucky? Time will tell.


  2. James you knew it from the start, did you not?

    You've been a keen observer throughout this disaster and that is why I value your insights.

    I know we all got some PU on the west coast and Hawaii. Remember Stock found the EPA evidence? PU was mixed in with all the other radioisotopes.

    The missing insects here, the missing hermit crabs in San Diego, the missing flies in Hawaii, the dying sea lion pups in Southern Cal, all point to the truth that we got majorly dosed.

    How bad will it be? I just don't know because the process of bio-accumulation and bio-magnification are so hard to predict.

    I just hope that we are less vulnerable than the cockroaches in my yard were.

    Thank you for sharing your observations / analysis with me.

  3. Yes, Majia, I knew from the moment I saw the explosion and the subsequent reaction of the USS Ronald Reagan.

    For months I tried to figure out whether the plutonium would be released to the atmosphere or fall out near the reactor.

    I was shocked that not only could I not find any information about it, but I encountered resistance at every turn - that the thing that was plain to me, now proven in this photo, supposedly didn't even happen.

    I knew that if I - a total novice - could see it, then surely the engineers and scientists would see it. It is why I argued so vehemently - so rudely at times, which is not my nature - with those who were intent on stopping the information flow.

    And then I got angry when Arnie Gunderson kept saying it was a fuel pool explosion - because he knew better. It indicated he was simply part of the cover-up.

    And still, although I was sure what happened - I didn't have definite proof - until this photograph..

    I suppose they will still try to cover it up - however my hope is that now the truth is exposed and indisputable that we can now start to deal with the truth.



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