Friday, February 8, 2013

Shorts Inside Battery Caused Fire inside Boeing Co 787 Dreamliner

The Strange thing about this article is 1 of the 2 attributed causes:

Pasztor, A. & Ostrower, J. (2013, Feb 8) 787 Probe Indicates Fire Caused by Short The Wall Street Journal, p. B1.

[excerpted] Short circuits inside a batter triggered a fire aboard a parked Boeing Co. 787 Dreamliner last month, said US investigators...

The National Transportation Safety Board's preliminary findings, issued Thur... said multiple short-circuits in one of the battery's eight cells touched off 'an uncontrolled chemical reaction at high temperatures" that spread to other cells....

Investigators stopped short of identifying the root cause... which they indicate could range from CONTAMINATION to hard-to-detect problems with the plane's electrical grid.... [end]

What kind of contamination would set off "an uncontrolled chemical reaction at high temperatures"???

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