Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ill Today No Posts

I woke up so sick I cannot believe it.

I feel as weak and achy as I did when I contracted typhoid in Asia four years ago.

I am really sick.

This is the third time I've been sick since early December. My husband has been sick even more. We are both very health people. I routinely hike (6 mile mountainous hikes), swim, and exercise on my exercise bike. I eat organics whenever possible and lots of fruits and vegetables.

I can barely type this today. Going up the stairs is a trial. Going back to bed.

what is happening....?


  1. Majia - Please feel better. I do hope that this is not the case, but consider getting yourself tested for Valley Fever. Central Ca has seen epidemic levels. And, AZ is also prone to transmission. The illness displays itself in myriad ways. It is important to be diagnosed early. Again, I have no awareness of your symptoms and do not mean to suggest that this is what is ailing you. I hope you recover quickly in any case. Best ShineTheLight

  2. Get well soon, Majia!

    I barely follow Fukushima anymore. Basically I am trying to improve my health enough to endure the clouds of radioactive fungus spores which will appear in 4-6 weeks around here. Everything else is on the back burner.

  3. I hope you are getting better. I enjoy reading your blog and admire your intellectual mind.
    A reader from Finland.

  4. Thank you all for your comments.

    I really do believe that Fukushima is affecting health in Japan and the US.

    The evidence trickling out of Japan is alarming, particularly the reports of thyroid cancer detections in Fukushima children, already! (

    There was a very large rain out in Central & Southern California and AZ around March 16 or 17 2011.

    The US Geological survey found that LA has the highest wet deposition of the places in the west they studied.

    Who knows what the jet stream has deposited elsewhere, particularly in St Louis, parts of Minnesota, and the Dakotas (the jet stream dips down and then moves north through these areas).

    I think the US and Canada are going to have "excess mortality" and the young, the old, and the immune compromised will be most vulnerable.

    Unfortunately I seem to be in moderately "immune compromised" category. I know you suffer more Bobby1. I'm sorry.

    The willingness of authorities to continue to lie about this disaster is reprehensible.

  5. Hope you're feeling better Majia.

    Probably just stress and wear. With all the disturbing topics you cover on this blog, it wouldn't surprise me if you aren't worrying yourself sick a bit.

    Not that the radiation and other hazards aren't real - they are, However I think they will show up as more deadly manifestations here in the US.

    The radiation cloud didn't hit the US until the 18th of March 2011. You could actually track it across the ocean as it traveled. The cloud was visible as what looked like a 4,000 mile wide storm that crossed the Pacific. It also hit the Northwest Coast first. Those who were outdoors in Seattle at that time will likely be suffering some illness as a result.

    My conclusion is the real thing to be concerned about in the air is the Plutonium. if aerosol plutonium dioxide made it across the Pacific intact, then we are going to suffer immensely in the next few years. If not, then the biggest danger is food from the contaminated Ocean.

    Not to say the low level radiation isn't bad - it can be, but we've been subject to it for 60 years or so, and many of us have survived.

    Good luck and take care of yourself.


    1. Thanks for your concern James.

      I don't think stress is the culprit because I've been writing about this stuff for years without getting so darn sick. Moreover, my husband has been unusually vulnerable to viruses as well (he's been sick 4 times since early Dec).

      I think the added radionuclides in the environment are taxing immune systems. This year has been a record one for the flu across the nation.

      Diseases like cancer will take years to develop but immune effects probably show up much sooner.


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