Friday, February 22, 2013

Fukushima Looks Bad, Fallout Levels Increased in Fukushima City

Fukushima did not look so good on the webcam this morning. Here is a screenshot I took. Emissions are visible from unit 4 area

Now video is up

Fukushima Diary Reported yesterday that fallout levels in Fukushima City are rising:

Fallout level in Fukushima city keeps going up, “the 2nd highest since last May”

Posted by Mochizuki on February 21st, 2013

Tepco has been talking quite a bit about unit 3 lately.

I don't know whether that actually means anything or not.

TEPCO releases video footage of Fukushima Daiichi Reactor 3 spent fuel pool

TEPCO workers find fuel handling mast atop spent fuel storage racks in Fukushima Daiichi Unit 3

[Excerpted] TEPCO workers sent an underwater camera into the Unit 3 spent fuel pool to determine the final resting place of the fuel handling machine mast, which was knocked into the Unit 3 spent fuel pool during debris removal operations on February 6th, 2013.

The 1.5 ton device was found resting on top of the fuel racks, where it apparently narrowly avoided striking and damaging the liner of the spent fuel pool.  The utility did not release any data related to measurements of radioactive materials in the spent fuel pool which would likely show an increase if spent fuel assemblies had been damaged....


  1. Of course the burning is no longer news. It's been burning from that spot for 2 years now.

    Funny they just now announce that they found the crane - which was visible in one of the videos 18 months ago.

    Notice all the spent fuel in those racks still appears to be intact. Look at the rows of handles lined up on top of the racks (somewhat obscured by concrete rubble ). Remember when Arnie Gundersen tried to tell us there were no handles to be found and that proved the SPF3 exploded? No explosion happened here, and that's when I knew Arnie had some other agenda.

    I'm surprised it's not all burnt out though - I'm positive I've seen fire from the SPF3 many times. I may have to retract that observation.


  2. I don't believe that anything Tepco shows us is truly transparent.

    Who knows whether the image is truly from unit 3?

    Even if it was, it could be the only intact fuel in the pool.

    Nothing is as it seems with Tepco.

  3. I saw #3 go up in a mushroom cloud. I don't believe that its SPF would survive, whether the nuclear explosion started there or not. I see a lot of rubble in the pool... the walls of the pool may have been reconstructed. There is a story going around that 800 workers have already been secretly cremated. That would explain it. Or it might all be fake.

  4. #3 SFP did not explode. Lots of debris fell into it, and the water got hot, because all the cooling went out, but it never lost its water during or immediately after the explosion.

    That alone was amazing - and was proof positive that the explosion did not come from spent fuel, but had to come from the core. (More recently I've thought that there's some possibility the explosion came from the machinery pool - which is where I think #4 exploded from)

    However the #3 logs show they were fighting severe overpressure in the core - up to 1000 psi - in the 24 hours prior to the explosion - when they still had a control center, although there was no external power to the facility. The explosion destroyed that control center, so any temp or pressure readings after that were merely projections - and they became more and more outlandish as the "spin plan" was developed.

    However in the early days, that "spin plan" didn't yet exist and Tepco did release photos which under analysis told the true story.

    You might think I'm hard on Arnie Gundersen, but I see his lies as the worst possible kind - he pretends to be anti-nuke, all the while spreading nuke industry propaganda that is intended to hide what really happened.

    Now he's trying to say that SFP4 explosion is the source of the nuke fuel found offsite - Sorry Arnie - your lies are still not going to work.

    The notice of nuke fuel on the ground occurred on the 14th, after the explosion of #3 and while #4 was still completely intact.

    They spent millions of dollars stabilizing the sfp4 - which they certainly would not have spent if all the fuel had been ejected from it.

    Furthermore- simply look at the blast patterns of the #4 structure and you know the explosion could not have come from the pool.

    The walls are blown out at a level lower than the top of the pool - unless the laws of physics don't apply at Fukushima then blast cannot go up over the sfp wall, then come back down and blow out a wall adjacent to it, leaving the pool wall intact. Blast energy radiates out in line of site from the blast origin. If a wall stops the blast, it most always stops destruction behind that wall.



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