Monday, February 11, 2013

Revelations and Revolutions

Navy Sailors After Fukushima: They’ve got leukemia, testicular cancer, growths… They’ve had surgery to remove brain legions and lost sight in eye (VIDEO)

The Constitutional rights of these US citizens have been violated.

They were exposed to very high levels of radiation without adequate protection, with significant consequences for their personal longevity and their progeny.

There is no evidence that their exposure promoted the general Welfare of the U.S. citizens or made a large impact on the welfare of Japan's citizens, who continue to be exposed to inordinately high levels of radioisotopes.

U.S. Government is obliged by its constitution to promote the "general Welfare" of its citizens.

Denial of great harm to U.S. military personnel could only be rationalized legally if it was being done to protect the more general welfare of the U.S. people.

However, since the U.S. knows the extent of radioactive releases from Fukushima (having mapped it with its defense capabilities), it is obliged to protect all U.S. citizens who might also be affected with adverse health effects, including immune and reproductive impacts.

Yet, the only edict the US has enacted publicly with respect to the health implications of Fukushima fallout has been the call for US citizens to stay 50 miles from the plant in March 2011.

So, since the U.S. government DOES NOT appear to be protecting the general Welfare of its citizens, we can conclude also that the general Welfare of its soldiers is being disregarded.

Our most productive recourse is for more and more of us to become much MORE VERBAL about the failure of government to promote the general Welfare.

Revolutions of the heart and mind cannot be born in rage and violence.


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