Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ruined Health and Environmental Injustice

I've been battling a terrible flu and secondary bronchitis for 9 days now.

I hate being sick so much. I'm happiest when I'm outside hiking or swimming so being sick is absolutely antithetical to enjoying my life.

I keep thinking about the people in Japan and elsewhere who have had their health permanently ruined by wanton pollution.

Destroying someone's health is destroying their life.

Yet the nuclear industry is allowed to ROUTINELY contaminate the environment with radioactive emissions like tritium that destroy health and cause intergenerational genetic damage.

The Fukushima nuclear disaster demonstrates conclusively how that corrupt and evil industry can destroy thousands - perhaps millions - of lives by sapping strength and afflicting health with countless ailments.

And the industry shills - including those in government - deny it all.

Surely there must be a special place for those who pursue genocide in the name of profit?

I'm too tired today to write something eloquent or particularly thoughtful.

I am simply haunted by the thought that although my misery will wane as my body slowly recovers, those in Japan and elsewhere who are subjected to high levels of radiation contamination will have no such respite as ingested and inhaled radionuclides slowly poison them from within....

And so many of them are children just beginning their now truncated lives...

Below you see a child playing happily in the natural world. Children in Fukushima are denied this essential ritual of being in the world by those who are destroying it.


  1. It's game over, Majia, for the USA at least. Sickness is spreading, it should be obvious now. America ends not with a bang, but a whimper. Ironic that a nation conceived in a liberty that was fought for by heroism, should end in cowardice and tyranny.

  2. Get better Majia and at least enjoy the well-deserved rest. You'll keep up the good job eventually.
    @ Bobby, we must never stop asking for transparency and solutions. Ever.


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