Sunday, September 2, 2012

Symptom of New Cold War: Escalating Arms Sales

August 30, 2012  Arms Sales: Obama’s Only Growth Industry? by Pierre Sprey Counterpunch

[excerpted] The dry dollar numbers in the latest Congressional Research Service annual arms sales report paint an ugly new picture. Over the last 5 years, every major arms exporting country has reduced its sales to developing countries–except for the U.S., which has sextupled its sales.

At the beginning of this period, we supplied about 20% of the developing world’s arms purchases; last year this jumped to 79%–mostly under the stewardship of our Nobel Peace Prize winning president.

Majia here: Arms sales by the US to developing world are up, but so also are drone warfare sales by the US: 

The global public is being dragged into a new Cold War that the public does not want, but it appears that the US does.


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