Saturday, September 1, 2012

Faults on Japan's Nuclear Plants: Meanwhile Emissions / Criticalities Continue at Fukushima

NISA to order fault surveys at Mihama plant, Monju reactor August 25, 2012 THE ASAHI SHIMBUN

[Excerpted] The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency plans to order geological fault surveys at two additional nuclear power facilities, which could lead to a decommissioning of both facilities.

The nuclear watchdog said Aug. 24 that surveys, including excavations, are necessary at Kansai Electric Power Co.’s Mihama nuclear plant and Japan Atomic Energy Agency’s Monju prototype fast breeder reactor, both in Fukui Prefecture.

The two companies have said that faults running directly below their reactor buildings are not active, but NISA concluded that more information is needed....

NISA has inspected faults at 18 nuclear power facilities in Japan since its expert panel said in April that a fault running directly below a reactor building at the Tsuruga plant in Fukui Prefecture may be active....

NISA said no problems have been found at the remaining nine nuclear facilities.

Majia here: Apparently NISA claims that there were no problems at nine facilities. That means there were problems at 9 facilities.

Meanwhile, Japan's ongoing nuclear disaster is probably experiencing ongoing criticalities

Fukushima Diary reports: Cobalt 58 was detected in Gunma, half-life is 71days, “Possibile recriticality around after April”

Camcorder Evidence of Criticalities?
From Wideawake Aug 29

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