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GM NOT Safe: More Evidence

Study on Monsanto GM corn concerns draws skepticism By Ben Hirschler and Kate Kelland, Reuters 20 September 12 Reuters

(Excerpted from Reuters) - In a study that prompted sharp criticism from other experts, French scientists said on Wednesday that rats fed on Monsanto's genetically modified corn or exposed to its top-selling weedkiller suffered tumors and multiple organ damage.

The French government asked the country's health watchdog to investigate the findings further, although a number of scientists questioned the study's basic methods and Monsanto said it felt confident its products had been proven safe.

Gilles-Eric Seralini of the University of Caen and colleagues said rats fed on a diet containing NK603 - a seed variety made tolerant to dousings of Monsanto's Roundup weedkiller - or given water with Roundup at levels permitted in the United States, died earlier than those on a standard diet....

Michael Antoniou, a molecular biologist at King's College London, who helped draft the paper, told reporters at a London briefing that its findings highlighted the "need to test all GM crops in two-year lifelong studies".

"I feel this data is strong enough to withdraw the marketing approval for this variety of GM maize temporarily, until this study is followed up and repeated with larger number of animals to get the full statistical power that we want," he said.

Seralini believes his latest lifetime rat tests give a more realistic and authoritative view of risks than the 90-day feeding trials that form the basis of GM crop approvals, since three months is only the equivalent of early adulthood in rats....

MAJIA HERE: There have been many, many studies that have found adverse health effects from GM products. The main culprit appears to be the Round-up that the GM seeds and plants are soaked with during cultivation.

Other researchers question the safety of having GM plants produce Bt, a naturally occurring soil bacteria, in all of their cells.

Other researchers think that the viral vectors used to introduce and/or silence genes during the genetic modification process may be causing adverse health effects.

The general issue is that there is considerable concern about the safety of GM products.


Report found here is authored by extremely well credential scholars who feel that the public has been misinformed about the risks of Round-Up. The report addresses malformations in animal embryos caused by much lower doses than used to spray crops. 

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