Saturday, September 1, 2012


I received the latest Costco ad book in the mail yesterday. Pages 2 and 3 of the booklet are dedicated entirely to emergency food supplies.

I find this very strange. Are so many people worried about food shortages in the US that these packs are selling briskly? They are quite pricey!

What does that say about people's confidence in the future and in their government?

Tragically, the amount of freeze-dried food one would need to store to hedge against real shortages is probably beyond most people's budgets and capacities for storage.

Moreover, the survival narrative is seductive, but the realities of a prolonged crisis - particularly with sustained power shortages - are probably not survivable.

Sustained power outages will lead to nuclear plant meltdowns everywhere affected:

Our best chance of surviving the future hinges upon action today aimed at shutting down nuclear plants.

Additionally, we need to plan for sustainable communities that are not dependent upon consumption of vast amounts of carbon fuel.

Costco emergency food supplies might be helpful in minor emergencies but the Long Emergency (see Kuntsler) we are careening toward is going to require a lot more than freeze dried food to survive.

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