Monday, September 10, 2012

Returned from San Francisco

I just returned from a family visit in San Francisco. Sadly, my uncle recently died from throat cancer.

Despite the sad reason for my visit, I enjoyed seeing my family clan, all of whom are originally from the San Francisco Bay Area.

My only problem was I had considerable troubles with my asthma while there.

The sky was so blue and the air was so much cleaner than Phoenix air. So, why was my asthma so bad?

I'm glad I returned today or I would have had to gone to the ER as my throat was itching, my ears were itching and I could barely breath after multiple puffs on my inhaler.

I'm home in Phoenix with its terrible air and yet I can breath freely.

Strange. What could have caused me so many allergic/asthmatic problems in San Francisco (and Oakland, which I visited also) when the air was so incredibly clear and nothing appeared to be blooming?


  1. The SF Bay Area has lots of different plants that can bother people. Still, one wonders. I can tell you that I came back to Tokyo after being away for a month, and immediately had throat and upper lung problems. This was a couple of weeks ago. Coughing and some kind of strange cold seem all over, at least in Tokyo. But nothing was in Western Japan. On the other hand, the aerosol spraying has been much heavier than in the past in Tokyo - almost every day.

    Speaking of covering up radiation with other excuses, kids entering the hospital in Chiba was attributed to smog, but the air in Tokyo is not very smoggy at all.

  2. Remember last November-December, Bakersfield had beta readings over 1,000. Prior to that, there was a Fuku event Oct 31-Nov 2, where Tepco said there was a large amount of krypton-85 in reactor #2. (There was a huge iodine emission too, but they lied about it.)

    There was another event just recently. This time, krypton-85 was 2,000 TIMES higher than the Oct 31-Nov 2 event. Think about Bakersfield not going up to 1,000 but to 2 MILLION. We definitely have massive amounts of krypton.

    This recent Fuku event freaked me out. Hydrogen going into #1, and oxygen going into #3. As bad as it was, we dodged a bullet... this is radiolysis and there is a huge amount of water being split into hydrogen and oxygen. Corium hits BIG water pool.

    I am still worried about radioiodine. Eureka CA started spiking up in beta last week, and they pulled EPA Radnet offline completely. It's still down.

  3. Majia -

    The logical conclusion is that your breathing problems were probably due to something besides radiation. Otherwise the hospitals in San Francisco would be overwhelmed with patients who live there year-round right now.

    Perhaps there are some SF doctors or nurses who can confirm whether SF has normal or abnormal patient load, and if abnormal, then what is the cause.

    I believe the effects of Fukushima are still to be seen in places like California. The dose rates have not been enough to cause immediate effect, but have certainly been high enough and long enough to cause significant long-term effects.

    If plutonium dioxide made it to the West Coast, we will start seeing a spike in cancers over the next few months - which will continue to accelerate for a few years. If it did not make it (I hope it did not) then the effects will manifest even more slowly. We will see significant rise in childhood cancers - thyroid, leukemia, bone, - and then we'll see a rise in similar adult cancers. If someone had access to the data on those diseases alone, you could pretty much see the effects.


    1. How would you know if the hospitals were overwhelmed? The media would have to report it. Do you trust them to do so?

      Or else you would have to know somebody that works there. Maybe a tweet, but nobody wants to lose their job over twitter comments.

  4. My breathing problems were definitely strange given how clean the air was. I don't remember when Phoenix skies were as blue as the sky in the Bay Area this weekend.

    I have noticed in the past a correlation in Phoenix between my asthma problems and beta levels.

    Bobby's comments about krypton make me wonder if radiation was the culprit, but James is right I would not be the only one having problems if that was the case.

    I wish hospital stats were available online!

    One interesting note is that one of my friends works for a medical technology company and she works closely with neurologist and neurosurgeons. She told me recently that there have been spiking levels of brain tumors, especially in children. (based on her conversations with professionals--she doesn't have any firm data so this is purely anecdotal evidence)

    I suspect that these are not from Fukushima (too soon probably), but rather are from our generally escalating levels of radiological and chemical toxins in the environment.

    More on this later....


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