Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Poetry by Or-Well

Or-well. March 7 2012 Posted At Enenews in response to the release of NRC conversations about children's thyroid dose from Fukushima Iodine-131 in California

Yes, we [NRC] knew
Told, we did not,
that your dear childs'
thyroid is hot.

You can have nukes,
or healthy kids,
the choice is ours,
and truth we hid.

Who controls nukes?
No one it seems,
they work or not,
whatever the schemes.

But WE control info,
news and awkward facts,
by nuke Cointelpro,
Laws, Regs and Acts.

WE control spin,
on sitreps foul,
WE are insiders,
ur not so LOL.

WE have the juice,
WE have the clout,
WE have the scoop
on what it's about.

WE have the inside track,
WE blow the smoke,
you look in OUR mirrors,
on you is the joke.

WE mind OUR business,
WE watch the store,
WE are the Watchdogs,
you we ignore.

Believe all we say,
walk as in sleep,
act as if helpless,
just be good sheep.

Atoms For Peace!
Nukes are your friend!
Cheap, Efficient and Safe!
We'll lie to the end.

Where's the Peoples' Ombudsman,
Where's the control,
Where's the investigators,
Where are their souls?

Where's all the Leaders,
Where are prosecutors,
Where are the Media,
Where's the law-suitors?

Where are the Healers,
Lawyers, Judges and Courts,
Where whistleblowers,
Clergy, Professors, Pro Sports?

I'm sick of their cackle -
let cell doors slam,
let firing squads aim,
let the Chair crackle,
I don't give a damn,
let the trap drop
and the rope go taut,
let the hounds loose
to hunt and go braying,
followed by pitchforks
and hot torches flaming.

Let there be action
and protest unquiet,
marches massive and
resistance passive
or mayhem and riot
and mob satisfaction;
either way a good licking
we're going to get
from nukes run amok,
in stone that is set.
The end of nukes or
just the beginning?
It's premature to
say we are winning,
but the end has begun
one way or another,
for nukes or for Life
on our blue Planet Mother.

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