Sunday, March 18, 2012

Brazil Bars Chevron Executives From Leaving

I posted on the spill at issue yesterday

Judge Bars 17 Chevron Executives From Leaving BrazilBy Agence France-Presse 18 March 12

[excerpted] "A judge barred 17 Chevron executives from around the world from leaving Brazil in an oil spill investigation as prosecutors readied new charges over a second spill involving the US energy giant, local media reported Saturday....

Thursday, Chevron reported a minor spill in the same area [as previous spill] that caused it to stop production in Brazil. The company has not said if the two spills are related but authorities suspect the second was caused by the first..."

Majia here: There must be more to this story than is hitting the press because detaining 17 executives is rather serious.

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