Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Between 700 and 4000 Fukushima Workers Dead?

Subject: Between 700 and 4000 workers from Fukushima have died from exposure

[excerpted] I live in New York City. Since March 11, 2011, I’ve visited Japan four times. My latest visit was in November. I spent two weeks in Tokyo, a day in Kyoto, and another in Takasaki. Just as it was on my previous three visits, Tokyo’s Narita Airport was very quiet on Nov. 4. Hardly any international tourists were entering the country. It was like a no-man’s-land.

America, and Russia) are keeping quiet about the reality of the Fukushima Daiichi disaster and the diffusion of radiation across the Northern Hemisphere.

According to informed sources, between 700 and 4,000 workers from the Fukushima plant have died from exposure. Children in Fukushima are dying from myocardial infarction as a result of the cesium concentrated in their muscles. But doctors in Fukushima are not allowed to tell patients if illnesses are related to radiation exposure. The Fukushima Medical Society has forced doctors to sign a secrecy agreement; if they refuse, their license to practice is revoked.

The extent of radiation exposure from Fukushima Daiichi has not yet been disclosed, either in Japan or in Western countries, although radiation exposure in the air and sea ­ and in food ­ is indisputably spreading....

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